10 Scenarios Every Student of Military College Hostels Can Relate To

With all the strict and disciplined life in hostels of military college, the students are built strong with ethical and moral values altogether. Fun becomes secondary here!

Indian Military College Students
Indian Military College Students

We all have heard a lot about hostel days and the fun every roommate shares in that beautiful span. But do you know how funny the fun is living a period of years in a hostel of any military college? We are strict! Behave yourself! Passing even a day seems a bit difficult and boring. Hell no! Things are different with a lot more fun and joy! Military college hostel is where parents should send their child really. Besides academic curriculum, your kids are going to learn about the real art of living. How to live a life is what these leaders teach!

Being strict in everything, things are moving with a different perspective. Even getting to watch any Television show is borne with a lot of fun because of the hard work every student has to put, unlike in non-military hostels typically. The conditions mentioned below are familiar to every student of a military college hostel.

10Early Morning Stuff



Let’s not have any more of sound sleeps and get ready to get out on the ground, in the chilling winter, in the whatever. Before reporting, every platoon assembled gear up for their morning parades and other drills to be performed on the ground. The most common error a student makes is starting to parade with the right leg. Unfortunately, every student and teacher has a whistle tie which hits hard to pain.

9Late or No Meals



Only after completing the reporting and other morning routine, students are allowed to attend their classes. Occasionally, these boarding students have to miss their breakfast or any other meal. The most common reason appears to be the extra classes where day students normally have 100% attendance, which forces boarding students to not miss any.

8Now Leave Me Alone!




Most of the military college hostels follow a tradition of allowing a certain time on every weekend or every other weekend for students to get out of the campus and get refreshed. Students enjoy this time mostly by shopping and city walks. Though these students are ordered to come back to campus within 5-6 hours, this is the only time they get out of campus.

7Stay Away!


Some military college hostels have teachers who are very much into gender differentiation. Dealing with girls and boys in a different way is not rare here. A boy sitting with a girl is what these instructors hate the most! Let it be a combined study they were doing. They are also punished for that. Students here in military boarding learn many things, so they also learn to manage with that. Every student manages to do whatever he/she wants to do and continue their combined studies, late night practical writing etc. It’s like nothing indeed can stop these students.


6Underneath a standing horse


When instructors introduce to the students, the horse riding and their horses, excitement couldn’t be any better. Fear factor ascends when these teachers ask every student to cross underneath a standing horse and also pass between their front and back legs. Things can go terribly worse but all the horses manage to cooperate with these hard-working students and stay idle without moving at all.

5Ground-based punishments


Ground-based punishment is the one every teacher finds first on the horrible list of other such. There is a countless number of punishments which can be done in a ground. The most common can be 2-3 laps of the ground all by frog jumping.

4Everything under a tree


A tree is a great friend of every student and they feel good always under a tree. Because a tree is what these students miss most of their time in the ground. Every Military college hostel authorities thus have a variety of trees planted on the other side of the ground. Many teachers also love to teach the theory part to students under a shadow of the tree.

3Hair Cutting


Many times, hostel authorities appoint a barber to come to the hostel to chop off the hair of boys. Very bad is the quality of the haircuts done by the barber because he does everything so fast seeing heads in large numbers in front of him. Many manage to avoid this session by already doing the haircuts in the weekend.

2Nothing new in embarrassing each other


Students and teachers equally share their interest in making fun of each other and embarrassing other fellow students and teachers. Teachers are very much used to making fun of students in front of others as a part of the punishment. According to teachers, doing these does no harm to students; in fact, the students grow even stronger. Altogether, there is nothing new in this!

1Parents meet!


This day marks to be the favourite day of boarding students. Parents are allowed to meet their students this day. Many different functions and parties are hosted this day for parents and students. Students perform different acts and creativity on stage to show the parents what they have learnt in a year. The day marks special for parents and students equally. This day makes the student forget all the pain because, in the end, the real art of living is not at all about past and future.  It’s all about the present! Living the moment…

With all the strict and disciplined life in hostels of military college, the students are built strong with ethical and moral values altogether. Fun becomes secondary here! Share your opinions and views in the comments section below. We would also love to hear any of your experience in military college hostels…

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