5 Silly Reasons Behind That Body Ache You’re Feeling This Winter

In winters, you are at a risk of catching flu and colds easily. Germs remain in body for some time.

body pain

Winter has come! For many, it’s like days of body pain are back again. There are many things which you keep unnoticed, which cause that pain in your body parts.


Below mentioned are some of the causes of the body pain you are experiencing in winter.

1. Days are short

Can anyone imagine this as an important cause of body? Not, certainly. But yes, as the days are shorter, we observe less sunlight and that for less time. With less sunlight, your body is running low on Vitamin D, which we obtain from sunlight. Vitamin D deficiency, after all, can be a prime cause of body aches and migraines. Rely on foods providing excess Vitamin D.

2. Dehydration

In winter days, you end up drinking less water as you are less thirsty these days. That makes your body unable to conveniently carry out the process of flushing out all the waste from body. Dehydration leads to aches, especially in the abdominal region. So, drink excess water no matter what season you are living in.

3. Cold Winds

Always wear swear sweater while out of the house. But anyway, winter chill can get in through many ways even if you are togged up in giant sweater. The cold wind can take the rout of your face or other body parts such as ears, hands and feet. This often results into headaches and pain in chest and arms. Always keep yourself warm.

4. Flu

In winters, you are at a risk of catching flu and colds easily. Germs remain in body for some time. The condition then triggers the germs inside body to worsen the situation bringing you headaches, throat pains, and muscle pains. Avoiding hang out in the winds with proper medication is a must in this case.

5. Lack of skin care

Our skin loses its natural moisture in winter days. So, skin needs to be moisturized all the time during winters as it makes your skin dry, which in turn, leads to painful cracks on certain body parts like arms and leg surface.


Keeping yourself hydrated, moisturized and fully covered with full-sleeve sweaters will not allow body pains destroy your winter parties anymore!