5 Smart Ways to Deal with Most Unpleasant Criticisms

5 smart way to deal with most unpleasant criticisms

You must have found many people in life who are pleased with everything naturally. Don’t know if you are one of them. As a matter of fact, now we are grown up, living in a world too criticizing. When we were kids, we used to work hard only to get good grades or used to do well in sports so that our parents would be pleased. We have always been trying to do something different so that people should get pleased. But, when it comes to Criticism, there is a high chance of one feeling devastated in the end. At some point, you will come to terms with criticism from people you love or respect including your friends, family, relatives or neighbours.

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Nobody actually loves criticism as it breaks our confidence, our attitude and the way we look towards life. In fact, we run among critical people in each stage of life. So, it’s at any rate obvious that you will have to face criticism in life. To cope with criticisms here I am with a few tips which after following will surely prove you helpful to a great extent in life.


#1. Accept criticism only from those who have a right in your life

If your parents criticize you or if your boss is not pleased with your work then he/she has a right to speak in front of you. Although criticism helps us to know shortcomings in ourselves, make sure about the source. It should be from a person to whom you have given the right or a person having a right to criticize you. If a relative doesn’t like your lifestyle, he/she doesn’t have any right to criticize you. You have a choice, in this case, to accept it or not. Act smart!

#2. Think and decide if it’s a warranted criticism

If so, smartly accept it and put it into your mind and try to work on it. Criticism only describes who you are, it doesn’t define you. You made a mistake, try to solve it and always try to work on your criticisms that you have put in your mind holding a certain level of greatness.

#3. Shoot a bullet on pointless criticisms

What about the pointless and needless criticisms? Ignoring those will only help. If criticisms come from someone whom you have not given permission, ignore it. Don’t pay attention towards them or change the topic or simply do the straight-forward thing – be calm, say nothing and walk away. Why waste time on hearing unnecessary critics, if we have many other things to do in life than getting stuck and hearing nonsensical critics. In most cases, there is no harm in trying to realize them that their criticism is unimportant to you.

#4. Don’t get Angry

Keep in mind, anger only makes things worse finally. As soon as you hear a criticism against you, don’t start to respond it or don’t make it an argument. It will have a bad ending. Say something like “Let me think about it for a while”. Calm yourself, take a deep breath and try to rewind the criticism whether it is warranted or not.

#5. Don’t forget to Appreciate

If you think a particular criticism received is warranted and from someone who has your permission and you really mean it, indeed you won’t feel any bad in accepting that criticism. Don’t forget to say thank you to the person whose criticism can prove you as an eye opener in your life for better.

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And again, if a particular criticism is not warranted, don’t react to it; just leave them off from your path of life. If they don’t get the reaction or response they wanted, probably you must have become upset or angry; they will eventually learn to take the criticism elsewhere! Because it’s your life and that will ever matter…