6 Brilliant Ways to Protect Your Mobile Phone This Holi or Rang Panchami

protecting your Mobile phone from colours

With the arrival of the festival of colours, everybody gets ready for a full-on Masti-wala and safe playing with colours. In fact, this is the day when you cannot yell at anybody who throws colour on you, the face, especially. Don’t you think, that has somewhat opened up a trivial risk of damaging your valuable things? Yes, there’s a good chance of getting your mobile phone damaged in this joyful time. Here’s the note not to be underestimated.

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1) Carry a Waterproof pouch/ Ziplock Pouch                                                                                                                   

A waterproof pouch can save your mobile’s life. Many have got their mobile phones damaged as sometimes the water gets into the mobile or the colour stains remain on it permanently. A waterproof pouch or a ziplock pouch will save your expensive mobile from the penetration of coloured water. You should note, these kinds of pouches are not expensive and are very easily available in the market.

2) Use a spare mobile if possible

Yes, you heard it right. Seems not as it should be at first but everybody has a spare mobile which was at some point our favourite gadget. Later, it got replaced by the new gadget and mustn’t have seen the daylight for a long time since you started using a new phone. A spare mobile will help you get in touch with your friends and family just serving its purpose. Then, you will be enjoying the colours of Holi with no fear of losing your expensive phone.

3) Use a waterproof mobile

Many of the mid-range mobile phones have started to adopt the waterproof technology. A waterproof smartphone can easily handle the water entering into the device. So, you won’t mind taking the pictures of you and your friends with a waterproof mobile letting you capture and preserve a colourful memory.

4) Try Balloon as your mobile skin

Planning to hit your friend with the water balloon? Well, it is sad to tell you that it’s now banned to use water balloon in most of the places in India. But you won’t regret using it in a different way. Even though your mobile is waterproof, the colour can hurt the body of your phone. Use a balloon and turn it into a DIY mobile cover. This will protect your mobile phone, especially its back panel. Furthermore, there are a couple of YouTube tutorials out there on the internet which will help you get going with this in no time.

5) Prefer a good screen guard

With balloon skin, you have protected your mobile phone’s back now let’s move on to the front. The colour if hits the front screen will damage the display panel a lot sometimes. To prevent front damage, buy a screen guard and never compromise on the quality of the screen guard for your expensive phone.

6) Keep your mobile at home

It’s simply that. The most effective and best tip on safeguarding your mobile against damage from colour is to not bring it to the location at all. Not so easy as it sounds; who can dare to stay away from their mobile phones these days? But try leaving your mobile phones at home once and it will help you concentrate a bit also on your Holi celebration than just safeguarding your device.

Wish you a very Happy and Safe Holi!

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