7 Proven Ways to Pursue Happiness for a Massive Success

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Pursuit of Happiness
Pursuit of Happiness

Everyone wants to be happy. But in search of success they find that, more often than not, happiness eludes them. Basically, Happiness comprises of two types- one temporary happiness and Second is the permanent happiness which becomes a part of oneself. Temporary one comes with continuous excitement and thrills no doubt it is very pleasurable but, it is short-lived. It fades away when not exposed to new thrills. While, true and permanent happiness comes from the inner state of contentment with what we are, what we have, what we stand for and how we strive to keep our head high and hands clean. It is a happiness that grows from within irrelevant to the fact whether a person is richly blessed by nature or not, lives in a village or in a city, is rich or poor, this happiness becomes a part of him, and he begins to realize as the greatest gift from God.


This Is What You Should Do For Pursuing Happiness


  1. Don’t live in the past


Live for today. Why cling to past? Unpleasant past memories lead you towards distress and morbidity. If you could not educate yourself earlier, you could do so now. Try to enjoy what you have today and don’t worry about what you could not do earlier.


  1. Try to keep yourself busy


Negative thoughts lead to a vacant mind. They bring with them strange doubts and fears about you. To be happy, avoid idleness and keep yourself busy in a productive way. The busier you are, the less attention you will give to imaginary problems.


  1. Learn to Laugh


Laughter brings people together. As said laughter is the best medicine, it gives strength and brings as much peace to you as only a prayer can.


  1. Don’t be greedy and selfish


Selfishness is a mother of greed. It’s the bane of anyone’s happiness. As Nature shares its bounty with humans, it has no greed and is not selfish. Try to learn from Nature, Observe it, analyze it and worship nature so that evil thoughts of greed do not take hold of you.


  1. Positive thinking


It’s a wonderful force which not only aids you in successful living but also helps you to radiate more happiness and goodwill all around you. Positive thinking makes things happen the way you want, difficult things will become easy to achieve.


  1. Face problems boldly


Whenever it happens that a problem is getting the better of you, write down the problem on a piece of paper. When you have the details before you in black and white, you will notice that sting has gone out of the problem and you will gain the courage to tackle the problem.


  1. Build good friendships


To make friends, learn to be friendly. Friends are one which stimulates us to a greater height, add joys and takes the string out of sorrows. Introduce yourself and invite immediate friendship because friends help us to relieve tension.


For understanding happiness better, let’s turn to Mahabharata. Vidura, the half-brother of King Dhritarashtra was advising king not to fight against Pandavas. While doing so, he gave a brilliant definition of happiness –

Mahabharata Happiness quote
Mahabharata Happiness quote


If we strive to have the above measures, there is little doubt that happiness will knock at our door sooner or later.


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Shubham Singh