A Country Of Youth – India


It is really proud to know that our country consists of 70% population of youth. Our Hon Prime Minister Narendra Modi feels pleased to declare and inform that India is a country of youth. Yes, we all are proud of it but does our country’s youth dominate their foremost role in developing our nation?

Well, the answer is yes but not exactly. Countries like Japan and China are too forward as compared to India but they are striving hard because of lack of youth population. Their working population is getting declined but then also they are marching forward and forward by innovating new technologies. Here in India, some people are still living in tapered traditional thinking regarding caste, gender, costumes, and jobs particularly. According to a survey, 68% of children in Maharashtra want to become engineer or doctor. They are not in the interest of doing something else. In the case of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, 70% want to become IAS, IPS and all that civil heroes whereas ICWA or MBA trends in Gujarat. Most of all, students only hope for good placement and good salary, that’s all. There is hardly any student who says that he want to become a big business man or do something different choosing from options like Actors, Singers, Animators, Filmmakers and so on. Students are forced by the society to study for doctor or engineer. Well, there is no problem in that unless a student has a real interest in it. Rise guys… you are never too late to stand out from the crowd…

Anyhow, our Indian education is more job-oriented than business oriented as a result of which opportunities of a job are getting lower and lower. It’s a shame to know that a country of 125 crore people engaging in business is too low compared to developed countries.

We all know the USA is a powerful country in terms of economy considering giant companies like Apple, Google, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Microsoft etc. If you see the history of these organizations, we get to know those founders of these companies were not too much educated, they had little and limited education, but then their thinking and passion did a work for them as a result of which their organization has become worth to billion dollars.

Its high time we have to change our mind. Thinking should not be limited. Always think out of the box and we will surely increase the speed of development in our country. Think different, become something different.


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