Artificial Intelligence Making The Biggest Changes In The Economy

Information technology will become a most powerful educational topic if AI is used on a wider scale and much importance will be given to people who think they can do well in AI.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is also known as machine learning language and the acronym for this word is ‘AI’.  It is one of the smartest tasks an AI machine can do in terms if it is said to do complex tasks such as solving artificial psychology, scientific, philosophical, biological, neuroscience, computer science and permutation of these things. The AI works on an algorithm which is programmed i.e. it perceives and adapts the environmental behaviour which it is exposed to. AI learns the inputs given to it and responds the output to each input from the previous input it was given.

Artificial intelligence is one of the greatest and helpful masterpieces of technology to the mankind in contradiction to both in good terms and bad terms. As the growth of the technology is increasing, the AI is a very trend as it solves many tasks that humans can’t think of doing. In comparison with human work, the robotics can do the work without emotion if they are not programmed to express their emotion. Emotions such as anger, anxiety, fear, violence, depression, happiness, joy and jealousy much of these can’t be seen in Artificial Intelligence robots still they can beat the intelligence of human mind if they are fully programmed.

Artificial Intelligence Fact 1

“One of the huge benefits of AI is it can be programmed in terms where it can manipulate the neurological behaviours of the human brain and can adopt the things a human mind needs to explain for example the mentally challenged people are in a big frame in this situation. The AI algorithm can achieve the task to know mentally challenged people what they want to question & answer and making their voice heard by this robotic machine which will be used for them in future” said by Tanmay Bakshi is 14 years old. He is an Author, Software Developer, Algorithm-ist, Honorary IBM Cloud Advisor and a YouTuber.

Artificial Intelligence was founded in 1956 since it has gone through many technological changes and is still developing in many aspects. The drought for AI was in terms of money to develop the AI known as “AI winter” and is renewing and making a vast benefit for tech-companies. AI now used in many companies as a robotic language is conversant with the people just like a human response to some questions.

Artificial Intelligence Fact 2

The Artificial Intelligence is subdivided into many subjects like neurology, computer science, mathematics, philosophy, linguistics and goes on adding. The AI subjects contradict each other such as science and philosophy which directly specifies two different major definitions of one word. From AI, optical character recognization is being removed since it is most commonly used nowadays in the tech world and it is not that much as AI can adapt and acquire to do a specific task.

AI is a high-level programming language which will be the main source for many other subjects coming under it. In 2017 capabilities of AI can be classified to speech recognization, solving complex problems through thousands of questions in different answers, competing for the high level and complex games such as chess and Go. AI can be used in many industries such as an autonomous vehicle, military, interpreting complex data and analytics (images and videos), intelligent routing in the content delivery network and many more. Al will fascinate many programmers and tech world which will really solve the entire task which will be imposable for a human being to solve. As a scientist knows every sort of things and they do discover for the betterment of human being, in the same way, AI programmer will be known as a scientist for Tech world where they will rule and discover new things by AI. A human discovery by its efforts, its smartness, knowledge and all the things which are necessary for the discovery of a particular thing or concept is possible by AI itself, where it goes on discovering and absorbing things to its utmost.

Artificial Intelligence Fact 3

In the twenty-first century, people are scared that it will replace them with AI and robotics since all the work will be done alone by robots embedded AI. It will become more challenging to make human skills much polished to qualify to handle task above AI. It will be rare but only in the world of tech and mechanic where AI can be used as vast. Although cost-effective, AI can be very expensive to generate with an algorithm and program embedded into the robot or some device. Knowledge of Artificial Intelligence must be shared with people to become qualified and make AI in industries available.

Information technology will become a most powerful educational topic if AI is used on a wider scale and much importance will be given to people who think they can do well in AI. As Artificial Intelligence is the widest concept to develop and understand one cannot force to study AI, only the curiosity behind the tech-science can opt for this type of education.  Still, AI is improving day by day by the algorithm-ist for the development to understand and pursue the information and act wisely as intelligent as a genius scientist. More on AI and its application to come in my next blog- keep tuned in!