“But I Felt”

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But I Felt

I don’t know why… but I felt… I didn’t know this was going to happen in the start… But now I felt. I think there was something which brought you to me, a thing which attracted me to you… I was not sure, so I stopped, but I refused when I felt.

I didn’t expect anything when I said… but when I said I had a little expectation I felt…

Was happy when I realized the same feeling from you, but a bit sad too at the same time… I felt.

I held my tears just to wipe yours, kept myself strong just to calm you down, cracked jokes to make you smile hiding the pain in my heart, later I felt. You lied your head on my shoulder, appreciated my qualities, hugged me, spoke to me lovingly indirectly lowering my pain… I felt.

The time you were leaving was the worst time ever, I called you back and hugged you as a treasure. The words you said gave unending happiness but everything comes to an end… Later I felt.

I wished to stop everything there itself I wanted you to be there with me and never leave. But I can’t I felt.

I don’t know why but I felt…

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Vivek Sharma

Actor/Model & Passionate Singer from Nashik