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how to stay looking glamorous

Looking Glamorous not a big deal anymore

Yo girls! Who would not think of getting a step more stylish in this day and age. Whether it is a party or a...
Rang Panchami Protect skin from colours

Only Best Ways to Protect Your Skin From Colours

This colourful day of Rang Panchami, you will have to take care about which type of colour you are actually going to play with....
Make your mind sharper

Make Your Mind Sharper With These Tips

We're all part of this incredible world, which is depended upon creativity, intelligence and ideas. No doubt, a sharp mind is what which will...
Travel Destinations in Nashik

Top 10 Travel Destinations in Nashik for Blissful Holidays

Nashik is a city known for the religious and cultural place where one finds peace and serenity. It is well known for many temples...
Hamel Patel as Disney Princess Cinderella

Ever Wondered How A Disney Princess Would Look Like In India?

Trendy Make-up artist and model from North Carolina, Hamel Patel decided to refashion Disney Princesses with a little desi twist. According to Hamel, Indian...

Follow These Five Simple Tasks To Increase Productivity

When you can ace productivity, it's substantially less demanding to stay in the zone, which can make even the most troublesome tasks sensible. Improving your...
5 smart way to deal with most unpleasant criticisms

5 Smart Ways to Deal with Most Unpleasant Criticisms

You must have found many people in life who are pleased with everything naturally. Don't know if you are one of them. As a...
Peaceful Valentine's day celebration in Nashik

A Peaceful or a Partying Valentine’s Day Celebration in Nashik!

Everybody loves to spend their Valentine's Day differently. In this elite day of painting the town red, what are you up to with your...
monsoon hair care

Monsoon Hair Care Tips

Monsoon is the season we love but what about the glitches it can do to our hair? With all the love, extra care is...

These Mild Symptoms Of Silent Heart Attacks Should Not Be Missed

Generally, heart attack is triggered by a blockage in a blood vessel that compromises blood supply to the portion of the heart that depends...
Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce Will Now Make Their Car Engines in India

Rolls Royce, world's much-admired premium car maker has revealed its plans on shifting the engine production to India. Rolls Royce engines are considered very...
zika virus

Things You Need To Know About Zika

After swine flu, Ebola virus, Zika Virus has created another fear among mankind. Recently India caught with three people, including a pregnant woman were...
Bugs insects in film can be real [SRC: INSIDER]video

Bugs and Insects in Hollywood Can Be Real

We all know, the very huge Hollywood blockbusters are highly linked with bugs and insects most of the time. There are many well-liked action...

Video Of Make In Nashik Which Every Nashikkar Must Watch

This new video describing Nashik is a must-watch. The video was made by Nashik Industries & Manufactures Association for the purpose of welcoming prospective...
Pursuit of Happiness

7 Proven Ways to Pursue Happiness for a Massive Success

Everyone wants to be happy. But in search of success they find that, more often than not, happiness eludes them. Basically, Happiness comprises of...


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