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The Perfect Match Short Film Team

The Perfect Match short film directed by Neha Pawar is about a young couple coming across a societal hurdle in their love. The film crossed 1 Million views on YouTube within a week. In an event organized by CineShorts Film Appreciation Club, the team made their presence to an amazing audience of film enthusiasts and filmmakers. Short film screenings are regularly organized by the club as an initiative to meet and network like-minded people, and discuss about films and filmmaking.

Every screening is followed by interactive sessions to make it more interesting and beneficial. The films screened in the event at The Cuckoo Club, Bandra on 14th Sep 2019 were – The Perfect Match, Katran (directed by Prem Singh), Dur Daraz (directed by Kushal Soni), Samskara (directed by Sankal Prawal), Rebecca (directed by Kushal Soni), And Sometimes She Loved Me Too (directed by Talwar Karan).

Meanwhile, we interviewed the director of the film The Perfect Match with the following questions.


Q: What was the inspiration behind this film?

A: “Being a writer I had some short stories ready and I wanted to make a short from a long time. This was the story, I was most interested to make, so I wrote the screenplay and brought together a team of people to work along. We shot the film in just two days, the post took about two- three months.”

Q: What attracted you to this subject?

A: “We are a in-between-generation; we are not as traditional as our parents used to be; but we do follow some traditions and practices. A modern couple when faces such a dilemma, about horoscopes are matched before marriage. They would actually not know at first, how to react to it; the couple in perfect match is such, both are faced with a problem they did not know even existed. And hence the blame game and anguish, sometimes even we don’t know how traditional we really want to be – this was an idea that first struck me and later turned into this story.”

Q: Tell us about the making of the film.

A: “The film is shot on Sony a7s. The crew consisted of mostly my friends from film school. The DOP was Dhruvan Gautham. We did rehearsals with actors Ashwani and Kalyani three four days prior to the shoot. We went to the location, blocked the scenes, the shoot was for just two days, the edit went on for like a month. My editor & AD Krishnakumar Menon is also a friend of mine. He would make the cut and we used to go through it, discuss how we can achieve the true essence of the story. Jose Rajendran was my AD who also helped a lot on set. Our DI was Dinesh Kumar. The sound is done by Vipul Pol and BGM is by Sudhanshu Gaur.”

Q: Did you send the short film for any festivals?

A: “Yes, we did and it premiered at the International film festival of South Asia at Toronto, Canada in 2018; other film festivals it went to are

Signs film festival, Kerala (Screened), Dadasaheb Phalke film festival, Delhi (Screened),

Pickurflick film festival (Screened), Daddy Deshmukh film festival (Screened and Finalist) and River to River Indian Film Festival 2019.”

Q: The chemistry between the actors is quite interesting

A: “Yes, that was one intention. A dialogue based script can be difficult to perform for actors. Both Ashwani and Kalyani had this palpable chemistry which is what I wanted from both of them, the characters are deeply in love with each other and know each other very well, that shows on screen; I’m happy we were able to achieve that.”

Q: Lastly, is there any restriction on story telling because of the short format of short films?

A: “Short films are actually a medium to tell such stories which don’t need that kind of time, which are engaging and can be done in a small time; the script has to be cleverly written keeping in mind the medium. All formats have their pros and cons; at the end we have to tell the story in the most interesting way.”

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