Coconut Oil Is Not Healthy – A New Research Revealed

So avoid it completely?


Coconuts are used extensively in weight losing products. In India, some also use it in the preparation of delicious food items. In accordance with a report released by the American Heart Association, intake of coconut oil is not of use for health. The research concluded that this type of oil is no different from other oils high in saturated fat like butter and palm oil. In fact, the saturated fats in coconut oil were found to be 30%-40% more than the other oils with saturated fats.

Also, the excessive consumption of coconut oil can be the root cause of a cardiovascular disease in a person, as this type of oil can accelerate the growth of LDL Cholesterol. To reduce cholesterol, a person must not consume more than 6% of saturated fat in the daily diet, according to the American Health Association. At any rate, it is not recommended to avoid it completely, as the body needs some percent of fats for good health. Above all, coconut oil is and has always been one of the best hair conditioner or moisturizers.