Covid-19 in Children: What Should Parents Do?

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Children immunity to Covid 19

Covid-19 is quickly spreading and infecting, and it has reached the level of parental dread. It is for children who may become infected with Covid-19 but do not have access to vaccination.  In India, the Covid-19 protocol has yet to be established for infants and younger children. Many countries are conducting clinical trials on infants. The bad news is that Covid-19 infections are becoming more common in infants. In this regard, this is a major source of concern for everyone, especially parents.

What can parents do to protect their children from Covid-19 infection? What signs can children exhibit? A Mumbai-based Women and Child Specialist, Dr. Shivangi Pawar responds to these questions.

Is Covid-19 infections rising in children? Why?

“Covid-19 cases in children are increasing since the second wave of coronavirus pandemic. The general explanation for this is that mutated forms of the viruses have a greater proclivity to infect children. Most cases in children were asymptomatic during the first wave, but children are now displaying signs of the infection. People who go out should sanitize their hands before returning home and touching their children. Infants and younger children are not expected to wear masks. So, the best thing to do is to stop taking children with you when you go out.”

What Covid-19 symptoms do children show?

“High fever, chills, shortness of breath, cough, loss of smell, sore throat, and muscle pain are the most common symptoms in infants. Some children who were recently screened positive for Covid-19 have experienced gastrointestinal symptoms such as loss of appetite, vomiting, and diarrhoea. 

When the mutated coronavirus enters the gastrointestinal tract, it utilizes ACE2 as a viral receptor. It is widespread in the glandular cells of the gastric, duodenal, and rectal epithelia, making coronavirus passage into host cells easier. Hence, gastrointestinal symptoms account for half of all the cases seen in children.

To detect Covid-19 infection early, parents should keep an eye out for any mild signs in their children and take them to the doctor or a paediatrician.”

What to do if a child tests Covid-19 positive?

“Children with mild symptoms and a high saturation of oxygen can treat Covid-19 by quarantining themselves at home for 14 days. Good medical treatment, proper hydration, diet, and paracetamol will all help. Children must be admitted to the hospital if their CRP and ferritin levels are high. Everything is dependent on the body’s immune response and health. As a result, improved immunity will keep children safe from serious Covid-19 infections.”

We must prioritize children’s immunity and take the necessary measures to keep them healthy and safe from new viral infections and diseases.

About the Doctor

Dr. Shivangi Pawar is a M.D. Homoeopath, psychotherapist, Women and Child specialist & Lifestyle management expert from Mumbai with 7+ years of experience in practice. “She is a doctor with a reputation for 100 percent patient success rates, which is what prompted us to move forward with even larger and more ambitious plans,” says Aaden Jacob, Administration Manager, Samarth Wellness.

Special Immunity Programme for Children

As the lockdowns end and schools reopen, the Covid-19 virus will remain in the environment for at least the next three years, and children will be at risk of contracting these infections and diseases. In the alternative, if lockdowns continue, children would be forced to remain locked in their homes, which is a difficult and dangerous situation for them. Children’s valuable time spent outdoors in a safe environment is squandered.

In reality, children are suffering the most as a result of the pandemic for no apparent cause. On account of it, Dr. Shivangi has created a special programme for children and their parents that includes value-added consultations, specialized kits for children’s immunity, subscription boxes for children, and much more. This approach being the first of its kind in Maharashtra, many parents have expressed their enthusiasm.

Dr Shivangi’s Samarth Holistic Health Centre, Dadar

Samarth Wellness is a holistic health centre devoted to treating women and children using holistic methods and advanced programmes. The centre, which is in a key location in Dadar and has modern facilities, is scheduled to officially open its doors for the masses in the first week of June. The centre is backed by well-experienced practitioners, as well as expert management team.

“The recent increase in the number of diseases and health problems has made our lives more difficult.  With our mission to make India healthier, I believe my centre will do everything possible to introduce a revolutionary approach to health care and familiarise people in the country with this new concept. Disease prevention is the core principle we hold on to. My centre currently has two major branches, one in Nashik and one in Thane; we plan to expand our centres to various states across India in the near future,” Dr. Pawar explains.

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