Creative People Don’t Sleep Well, Study Revealed

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To begin with, sound sleep is very much essential for our brain to function properly. Elements affecting your sleep may vary. For instance, a busy person may not have a sound sleep or a sleep itself. In spite of this, if you think to be having a proper sound sleep, can you assure it of being a high-quality sleep?

Are you a creative person? Yes! You must be…everyone is creative these days. Well according to a new study carried out in New York, it has been found that creative people don’t get high-quality sleep even if they sleep longer.

The researchers were found to understand how visual and verbal creativity can be different and can influence different aspects of sleep. Findings revealed that both have different sleep patterns. Visual creativity is triggered by diverse analytical mechanisms than verbal creativity. Verbally creative people were found to sleep more hours, go to sleep late and get up later whereas visually creative people go to sleep earlier but were found to be mentally anxious. Altogether, visually creative people reported disturbed sleep leading to difficulties in day-time functioning,” Neta Ram-Vlasov, a doctoral student at University of Haifa in Israel, said in a statement.

A surplus of visual creativity makes the individual more alert which often leads to sleep disturbances, sources revealed.

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