Dengue Rise In Nashik – Precautions

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Dengue mosquito - Nahikites
Dengue mosquito - Nahikites

Dengue in Nashik

The rate of Dengue infections happening in city is increasing day by day. It has also caused stress on blood banks facing shortage of blood to supply platelets for transfusion. This year, city recorded 6 deaths and 526 cases of dengue so far. Strangely, people living in city areas logged more number of dengue cases than in rural areas.

After several complaints concerning lack of clean civic environment, officiating commissioner of NMC expressed, “the health department has lost control over their staff. A notice regarding lack of cleanliness and absence of department workers from duty has been made. What remains is, everyone should be aware of what grounds such a malady.”

It is necessary to tackle such a vast problem in order to stay healthy. Below are the few of best facts and tips for dodging Dengue infirmity.

What is Dengue?

Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne tropical disease caused by Dengue virus.  This might include high fever, head-ache, vomiting, muscle pains and skin rashes. In some cases, this disease leads to bleeding, decline in level of platelets and blood plasma leakage, where low blood pressure problems can occur frequently proving to be fatal.

Regarding platelets, the normal platelet count in a healthy person is around 2.5 to 5 lakhs. During Dengue, it is likely to drop; dropping below 20000, patient is to be immediately admitted to hospital. Following, there is high risk of bleeding that is seen in redness of eyes, blood patches under the skin, blood discharge through urine or through gums and teeth.

Therefore, taking precautions will always prove better than thinking of after-event cures. Following are some of the best precautions to be taken.


  • Cover stored water: Always make sure, you are covering your water stored in tanks or any type of containers properly.
  • Avoid accumulation of water: Especially in rainy seasons, water can be found logged inside litterbins or boxes found in junkyards which can spread dengue virus. For that, we should throw out the water collected disallowing the rainwater to get accumulated in again.
  • Maintain cleanliness in the city: To stop such rain water accumulations causing dengue, we should try to keep our surrounding clean shorn of throwing waste in public.
  • Avoid garbage accumulation: Garbage found to be accumulated outside your living area should be charred or decontaminated cleaning up the place.
  • Live in Well ventilated places: Make sure, the place you are living in is well-ventilated with right stream of pure air.
  • Maintain a personal hygiene: Above all, try staying in a good personal hygiene which can prevent 50% chances of Dengue. Think clean, live clean.
  • Mosquito repellents: Try using mosquito repellent creams like Odomos which can keep you out of mosquito evils without harming your skin or health.
  • Report a doctor in case of any symptom: When found any symptoms, try reaching your family doctor within 2 days of symptoms.

So nashikites, follow these simple precautions and make sure you and your family is healthy. After all, health is your real wealth.

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