Facebook Blocks Nashikites.com URLs

Nashikites blocked on Facebook

A week ago, Facebook blocked the website Nashikites.com from appearing or sharing on Facebook. Just after publishing an article about ‘Production of Rolls Royce car engines in India’, Facebook did the blocking also avowing the particular article as Spam/Abusive content. Now, we are not on Facebook!

The message appears – ” We believe the link you are trying to visit is malicious. For your safety, we have blocked it.”

It was much unexpected and we couldn’t confirm what on our website is against community standards. Nashikites.com respects the privacy of every user whether on Facebook or not. We never host malicious scripts on the website or anything which could attack/mislead a website visitor.

  • The Nashikites.com articles now cannot be shared anywhere on Facebook.
  • We lost our Facebook audience and traffic! (PS: We had already lost a good bunch of likes and shares while shifting the website to a more secure server. Sadly, now we are nowhere on Facebook!)
  • However, the experience we had with Facebook and our Facebook followers has always been awesome.

How is Nashikites.com Safe & Innocent? – We Believe

A website not about Nashik but all about Nashikites needs you to know how Nashikites.com is Safe and all right!

  • We strictly disallow malicious scripts/fraudulent content on the website.
  • Any user-generated article/submission made on Nashikites.com is posted only after a level of the safety check. We also check for trustworthiness and quality of every submission made via Nashikites.com. Then again, we never allow any registered user to straightaway publish an article to the public.
  • We never collect/store personal information/Browser History/Browser Cookies of any visitor visiting Nashikites.com. However, we may collect some information occasionally, with your consent. Please read our Privacy Policy to know how/why we collect certain information from you.

Our Highlights

Nashikites.com for Writers/Bloggers

  • We started out as a Writers’ Promotion Platform where we promoted writers and the articles of writers from Nashik. The website equipped with a Writers portal allowed writers from Nashik to submit their articles and earn rewards from startups and reputed business houses in Nashik.
  • Thinking of a change, we thought of extending Nashikites.com to be more than just a Writers promotion platform. We started including a variety of different free and paid stuff on Nashikites.com.

Nashikites.com for Artists/Talents/Filmmakers

  • In Nashik, we have been always helping and supporting indie music artists and filmmakers from Nashik.
  • We didn’t fail to do our best to all the needy creative talents and artists across Nashik, putting the best possible use of our valuable partners and sponsors.
  • We take pride in having associated with the success of many of the aspiring musicians from Nashik. We think of continuing that support and wish them a bright limelight ahead!

Nashikites.com for Individuals/Businesses

  • Starting out as Writers’ Promotion Platform, the website had a Gifters Portal where a startup/business can sponsor the gifts/offers/services to the writers, which a writer can access via Writers Portal. Due to some technical reasons and safety of users, we had to take away the Gifters Portal.
  • We are happy that we were able to successfully initiate promotional campaigns for startups in Nashik. The media/advertisement help we provided to a number of startups, organizations have always benefitted them with the exceptional results.
  • Our writers accept and enjoy the responsibility of bringing you the interesting stories from Nashik and around the world.

With all that being said, we are not on Facebook but we are on other social networking sites. Subscribe to the browser notifications to get notified about the articles or track us on the active social networking sites till we get back to Facebook if that’s ever possible.

Good luck!