What Does Your Favorite Color Says About You?

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Hello smart guys reading this! Everyone has their own choice and methods of preference loving a particular color. Certain studies on color theory revealed many unbelievable facts with which personality of a person can be analyzed by his love for certain colors.


If you love Red,

You are health conscious and love to stay fit always with regular exercise and workouts. You love to work hard with the aim of achieving your goals.


If you love Green,

You are person who considers your reputation an important part of life. You are trustworthy and dependable person.


If you love Blue,

You are a calm person with the principle aim of silence and inner peace everywhere every time. You are a caring person who would always think of others’ needs.


If you love White,

You are very independent and well organized person. You can take calculated and proper judgments as you tend to love arithmetic problems. Logic and Common sense is an important tool you use in your daily life.


If you love Black,

You are creative. Black color lovers are generally introverts, not everyone. You don’t share everything with others. You are artists.


If you love Gray,

You are a cool and trustworthy person aiming peace always.


If you love Pink,

You are a loveable person aiming for an unconditional love. You would do anything for your love.


If you love Purple,

You are tough person aiming perfection. You are a perfectionist. You help others for their needs.


If you love Orange,

You are person who is more social. You are an extrovert who loves to hang out with friends maintaining all your connections throughout life.




If you love Yellow,

You love to share knowledge and learn throughout every face of life. Besides, you love expressing yourself.


If you love Brown,

You love to make and keep friends, and only good friends. You love simple life with no material demands. Not being covetous is an important value you preserve about yourself.


Now, check your personality yourself to see if it matches any near.

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