Five Steps to Make Your Mother Feel Special This Mother’s Day

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Five Steps to Make Your Mother Feel Special This Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is celebrated to honor the mother in our family. This day is celebrated to honor the women who have been working day and night to fulfill every need of the family members. We have seen our mothers working in the kitchen perpetually. Especially during this quarantine period.

She is the only one who is constantly been working at home from preparing food to everyone to doing all the household work. This Mother’s Day, get to your feet and surprise her with a unique gift, rather than giving an expensive one. Let’s give her the best what she will truly cherish. Read on, below steps will make her day!

1) Make her morning Tea/Coffee

Morning tea or coffee to your mother

A sweet morning brew! Let’s start the day by you preparing Beverage for your mother. This might sound too simplistic, but trust me! Making her morning beverage would give her the best start of the day. Every day, mom is the one who makes us morning beverage, for a change this time we will make the morning Tea/Coffee for her. People are trying varieties like Dalgona coffee these days which you can try. If she is a tea person, you can make some herbal tea for her. She would love this simple gesture, do try once.

2) Help her in preparing food

Helping in preparing the food by slicing vegetables

The one thing which she will be happy is to have her favorite food being prepared by you. On the occasion of Mother’s day, you can cook her favorite meal. If you are new to cooking, you can explore various cooking channels on YouTube for reference while cooking, or a simple Google search will get you going. During this period, everyone is told to improve their immunity. You can simply cook some of the nutritious food at home and serve to her. This will reduce her work and will give her some time to relax. We all know, even in the lockdown, she is the one constantly working all day by preparing the meal and doing the household work for our family.

3) Help her in washing clothes and utensils

Clean Clothes

Most of the celebrities have been uploading their videos on Instagram of washing utensils. Sure! As no maid is allowed to work, everyone has no choice but to do their work by themself. In our case, our mother who used to do all the work is still been doing the work as she has no alternative. Not just during this quarantine period but much often we should help our mother in the household work. Let’s help her in washing clothes or utensils.

4) Help her in cleaning the house

Cleaning the floor

Who can compete with our mother’s know-how when it comes to cleaning the house? Every mother triggers an OCD on cleaning and making the house look clean, neat and tidy. And the best part of it, when we are watching TV, she wants to clean the TV. That’s so cute of you Mom! Most people help their moms during festivals to clean the house. Ultimately, regular cleaning will keep the room clean and healthy. Let’s volunteer her in house cleaning tasks.

5) Surprise her with a cake.

Mother's Day special Home made cake baked with love

At the end of the day to celebrate the occasion of Mother’s day let’s bake a cake for her. A little gesture to thank her for all the work and sacrifices she has done to you. This will be special and unforgettable for her as you are the one baking a cake for her – Apart from buying from the bakery every year. Many online videos are showing how to make a cake at home, you can refer one. So bake one for her. Your cake will put a shine on her face, no matter what it tastes anyway.

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During this quarantine period, most of them are spending quality time with their mother. You know, once we get back to our normal life, there will be very little time we will be spending with our family. So the best gift one can give to their mom on this Mother’s Day is their time. She expects nothing from us but our time that we spend with her. Most have Work-from-home and some are busy playing games with their friend online. Rather, spend some time with her.

Nevertheless, if you give her an expensive gift, the only thing she will be asking is your time. So the best gift you can give to your mother this Mother’s day has to be your valuable time.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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