Flirting Advices For Shy Guys

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Dating can be quite difficult on shy guys as they always contend with lack of confidence and uncertainty. So, here are some short tips for all the single shy guys utterly trying to get things worked out better.

Be more confident

You need to raise your confidence level. Try presenting yourself as a bit more confident though you lack confidence. It can be all about looking confident, sometimes. Act interested, even if it means fine-tuning your ego. Confidence is fundamental at all times.

Keep out of negative thoughts

What if she says no? Don’t think like that. Be positive. Let’s face it. You have to try before you achieve something.  Negative thoughts can ruin your date.

It’s all about fun

Be funny sometimes. Girls love to have conversation with guys who are funny. Start by cracking jokes on yourself, if you have no issues going that way. There won’t be any issues making her laugh. After all, every fun counts here.

Listen to her

When she has to say something, try listening genuinely to her story. Being shy, things may get a bit difficult when thinking of bearing her jewelry/costume stories. But you have to listen and react with something which can continue the conversation. After all, that’s the unsurpassed way how things will work.


Talk with all the friends in your group. Talking can help you present yourself be sensational in her eyes. Control yourself when talking to other girls in your group. Flirting with other girls from your group is an easy way to ruin things.

Give compliments

Compliment her on her looks and way of dressing. A girl would never hate such striking compliments, especially on a date.

After date policies

After an evening well spent, offer to drop her off. Notify her that you enjoyed the day and don’t be doubtful to ask her for a second date. Tell that you would love to continue the conversation further sometimes next week.

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