Foods and Coronavirus: Here’s everything you need to know

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Are fruits and vegetables safe during coronavirus lockdown?

During the lockdowns happening across the country duet to coronavirus outbreak, points like what to eat cannot be disregarded at any point of time by anyone. As a matter of fact, people in home quarantine have started to adjust and compromise on their diet. People seem to be very skeptical on eating fruits and vegetables these days. These things should be noted:

Importance of Fruits & Vegetables

Avoiding daily consumption of fruits and vegetables is not a good idea. Rich minerals and vitamins is necessary especially these days to keep up with the immune system of body. Also note, Vitamin tablets cannot replace fruits and vegetables. Wherever possible, consider keeping up with a daily stock of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Can fruits and vegetables carry the virus?

Any virus like Coronavirus can only survive and grow on animals and humans. It is very rare that we find a fruit or vegetable to cause coronavirus infection. At least that has not been proven by any research yet. With your usual precautionary measures, fruits and vegetables can be consumed safely. Wash it thoroughly under running tap water with clean hands before cooking or consumption. Soaps should not be used for this purpose.

Should you avoid milk?

Milk pasteurization is a process of undergoing ultra-heat-treatment on the milk to kill any bacteria and ensure a longer shelf-life. Milk packets sold in shops consist of pasteurized milk which is safe for consumption. Unpasteurized or raw milk sold loose should be avoided if you don’t trust their source.  

Should you avoid Non-vegetarian food?

Although it is not bad as a safety measure to avoid Non-vegetarian food especially during the outbreak of Coronavirus, it indeed is totally safe to consume sea-food and poultry-based food in India, according to health authorities. No connection has been discovered yet as to how this virus can contaminate eggs, meat and poultry products. Every meat product before consumption should be cooked thoroughly for more than 30 minutes.

Any risks on biscuits, bakery items and other eatables?

You should note that, no foods can spread the virus. Especially, seal-packed eatable items purchased from shops are totally safe to consume. Food products are released in Indian markets only after passing through certain level of standardized testing and protocols by FSSAI (Food Safety & Standards Authority of India) to ensure safety.

Are packaged fruit juice products safe?

Yes, packaged fruit products can be consumed without any risk of Coronavirus Infection.

Safety Tips on Food Consumption:

Some general safety measures you should follow-

  • Consider dried fruits or canned vegetables if fresh produce is not available for you.
  • Limit highly processed foods.
  • Pay attention to expiry dates. Perishable items can be refrigerated or frozen.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap or hand wash.
  • Keep all the utensils and plates clean.
  • Get the groceries delivered to home wherever possible, instead of going out to shop.

Stay updated with FSSAI & their myth busters:

Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Updates:

Let’s hope we shall prevail this current situation very soon and fast. Take care!

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