Football Player Ronaldinho Stepping Out Of Football Career Left his Fans Shaken

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Football Player Ronaldinho Steps Out Of Football Career
Football Player Ronaldinho Steps Out Of Football Career

The Former Brazilian player Ronaldinho who is also the 2005 Ballon d’Or winner confirms his retirement on Wednesday.  The 37 years old football player who was a part of Brazilian team which won 2002 world cup declares his retirement through his agent.

Ronaldinho fact 1

Ronaldinho started his care from Grêmio in 1998, later on, he moved to the France Paris Saint-Germain for 3 years (2001-2003). Then, he moved to Spain and signed the contract with Barcelona for five years (2003-2005) in which he played 145 matches and scored 70 goals. While playing for Barcelona in 2005, he was awarded the ballon dor, and in the later years, he also won champions league for the same team. He took 10 as his jersey number while playing for Barcelona.

Ronaldinho fact 2

He had played for Milan for four years (2008-2011) in which he played 76 matches and scored 20 goals, then for Flamengo with a contract of four years, he played 33 matches and scored 15 goals for the club. But on 31st may 2012, he cancelled his contract from the club due to lack of payment for last four months.  Just after 2 days leaving Flamengo, he signed a new contract with Atletico Mineiro.  He won the Bola de Ouro award while playing for this club. He also helped the club to win Campeonato Mineiro and the club to win its first title Copa Libertadores.

Ronaldinho Fact 3

In 2014 he was voted for South American Football player of the year. With a mutual consent, he cancelled his contract with the club. Later he played for Querétaro for 2 years. In which he played 25 matches and scored 8 goals.

Ronaldinho fact 4

On 11th July 2015, Ronaldinho returned to Brazil and signed a contract with Fluminense. As he was not able to perform well, Ronaldinho told the club about his inability to play well as he planned and decided to step out.

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