Get Yourself Crazy With These Waterfalls In Nashik

Get Ready For A Monsoon Bash!


4Dugarwadi Waterfall

This is the best and highest waterfall in Nashik which is approximately 40km from Nashik city. This is an elite place to visit in monsoon since pleasant climate makes the trip more fun and overwhelming.

3Dabhosa Waterfalls

Dabhosa waterfall resort with the exotic 2-acre campsite set right in front of the magnificent perennial waterfall; is a hard to resist getaway for travelers coming from Mumbai, Nashik, Vapi, Surat etc. Rappelling alongside this gushing waterfall especially in the monsoons when it roars all the way down its 300 ft height is the most thrilling adventure activity here. Kayaking, Zip-line, Laddering, Trekking are other adventure activities. The nights are a complete back-to-nature experience with the roar of the waterfall in the background.

2Dhudsagar Waterfall

Dudhsagar Waterfalls in Someshwar is regarded as one among the best in the entire India itself. This cascading falls is a favorite picnic spot in the city, which offers picture book scenery. The waterfalls reach its zenith during monsoon season.

1Vihigaon Waterfall

This waterfall is known for water sports like rappelling and canoeing. This waterfall resides deep inside the Western Ghats. Vihigaon is about 50 km from Nasik city. The Beauty of this waterfall surely makes the head turnaround.