How to be productive during lockdown due to Coronavirus?

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Ways to stay productive during lockdown due to covid-19

World being affected with the novel coronavirus and grim situation everywhere, there’s been no better time to get our level of patience and creativity tested. Everybody is locked up in their homes. Looking at the current statistics, the lockdown will further extend. Let’s stay safe and productive during lockdown!

Organize with a Timetable

Timetable can be effective for better time management

Making a timetable would really be helpful to remain engaged throughout the day. Allot specific period for various activities that would keep you energetic throughout the day. Students preparing for various exams can refer to reference books, watch and learn online to understand the subjects in depth. Also, doing the same things daily can be really boring, so get with doing something different every day. Use of web applications like Trello for organizing your daily stuff can be very useful and productive.

Regular Exercise & Warm-ups

Regular Exercise, yoga and meditation

To remain physically as well as mentally fit, start your day with some warm-up exercises, skipping, yoga and meditation. Keeping aside an hour for simple body warm-ups and exercise will make a huge difference in your performance throughout the entire day.

Healthy-Fun Cooking

Healthy and fun cooking

Cooking can really be a fun activity to do with family members. Try some healthy recipes which can be helpful to boost immunity.

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Cleaning & Personal Hygiene

Cleaning and personal hygiene to fight coronavirus

Especially during a pandemic, disregarding the personal hygiene and sanitization at any rate can be grievous. Clean your hands thoroughly with hand wash, soap or sanitizers at a regular interval throughout the day. Keep the house clean. Family members can decide the works amongst themselves and do their jobs accordingly.


Reading book

It’s a good opportunity to read some books of your interest. These days, you can even read a good number of books online or listen to it through audiobook platforms and get a feel of reading a real book. Stay away from circulating messages on Whatsapp or social media sent by unreliable or unknown sources. Clicking on spam emails can infect the computer system with malware and virus.

Learning new skills

Learning to play guitar.

When free course materials and videos are everywhere on the internet with a little Google search, let’s use this time to acquire and become skilled at something new and useful alike.

For example, you can try to learn some foreign languages like French, German, etc., Drawing and painting, singing, dancing, learn to play any musical instruments, learn how to bake cakes or something like that.

Gardening in balcony or terrace

Growing tomatoes in balcony

Very few of us are aware that some micro greens like coriander, mint, wheat and vegetables like tomatoes and chilies which are useful in kitchen can be easily grown in plastic bottles In order to reuse it in most effective way. Balconies will then look more attractive and contribute to your home with positive energy and good airflow. A very good way to be productive during lockdown.

Indoor Games

Indoor game Ludo

Games like Snake and ladder, UNO, Ludo, Hopscotch, puzzles, Bubbles, Hula hoop has been a fun and effective way to spend family time. Without doubt, these games let your family spend a merry time together with every age groups and make your time touch to its best possibility of amusements.

Stay Home

Staying home is the most important thing to do during lockdown. Avoid getting out of your homes unless an emergency or very much required. Take care. Stay home. Stay healthy.

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Under Government’s leadership, a hard-working system of health workers and social workers including Doctors, policemen are engaged in controlling the situation to its best. Let’s hope for the best!

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