How to Focus For One Good Thing in Your Life?

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Focus – this word probably is one of the famous words you have been hearing in your day to day life. ‘Hey, focus on your studies, focus on career, and focus on your life… focus, focus, focus’… The question is – how to focus properly on what we are about to do? You are the star of your own life. We just make the mistake of thinking we have to look for it in someone else when, really, the only person we need to find it in is ourselves and the moment we find ourselves, we are in our own lane.

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You will find many people in this world who are damn successful; the reason behind their success is the correct focus as they focused on themselves and the lane they are in. It’s not an overnight process but here are few tips which will answer the question of how to focus on your tasks of life.

  1. Set yourself – Start the day with five minutes of “thinking time”. Always remind yourself that throughout the day you need to question your intentions before you act. This habit will help you not to lose the track of your purpose. It sets you up for a good day, every day.
  2. Question yourself – Always question yourself regarding your purposes, your thoughts and feelings, as you have to remind yourself that your thoughts and feelings are in your control. The moment your feelings and thoughts are out of control, you will be losing your focus.
  3. Control your mood – We all know our mood swings here and there. If you feel out of sorts, it will not last forever. Do whatever you need to do to make you focus again. Think of those people who are your inspiration. Just remind their face, their struggle and stories. It will make you feel better and encourage focusing again on your task.
  4. Be Compassionate with You – Always think that you are enough to do any task. If you can’t do this without believing it, take action. Do what you need to do so that you can believe it, but be compassionate with yourself. Focus on how far you have come, not how far you still need to go. Revive your story of success, whatever it is, big or small, which will ultimately make you feel more confident relating your task.
  5. Thank yourself – When your day becomes over, finish the day with the same thoughts you started it with. Pick out all the good things you did towards your task and silently thank yourself. Make sure the last thoughts you have are ones that come from the task you have undertaken.

That’s how to focus on one thing! Obviously, we all can do this. We simply need to overcome our fear and weaknesses so that you focus on your task with great devotion. It is then that others see our true light and can be guided by it. It is then that we feel truly happy and satisfied.

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Shubham Singh