How To Reduce Your Weight In Just A Month

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Here we present you some tips or steps which you can follow if you aim a physically fit life! And all in just a month, read on…

  1. First decide how much weight you want to cut by setting small, short-term goals. Start by aiming to lose one or two kgs of body weight.
  2. Analyze the timing of your diet by recording what you eat and drink. This can let you know how you are going and can ultimately help you in finding the cause of any glitches in your body.
  3. 80 percent of your fitness hinge on the diet you have. Exercise contributes only 20% to your body fitness. Sounds weird right? But true!
  4. Try to avoid a regular consumption of fried and fatty foods. If possible, don’t consume them at all.
  5. Maintain a food journal where you can record about what everything you eat. Doing this can feel irritating at first, your friends may laugh at you, can go even worse but It’s your life. Be serious.
  6. Stopping junk food can be tough. Aim to avoid it though you won’t be avoiding these foods in near future. The thing is, aim for it, at least.
  7. You can’t be healthy if you have your dinner at 1 am in the night. Finish off your evening meal at least two hours before you sleep.
  8. It is better to eat small meals at regular intervals than having two or three large meals a day.
  9. Psychologically, there’s a fact that if you eat on smaller plates, you will feel satisfied. Don’t use large plates.
  10. Don’t skip your breakfast. It is important for the brain functioning.
  11. Eat foods that boost your metabolism.

Foods that boost your metabolism include:

  1. Soybeans: They are extremely rich in protein that helps improve your metabolism.
  2. Spices: Spices like cinnamon increase your metabolic rate. You can regularly add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to the curry of your choice.
  3. Fish: Seafood like salmon, mackerel, and tuna contain Omega-3 fatty acids that help burn excess calories.

12. Be aware of what you feel. If you feel like eating something between meals, try drinking something instead – a fruit juice or a glass of water.

13. Enjoy the daily exercise you do. Exercise can do the rest of job in reducing the weight of your body. If you have no time to do exercise, at least do cycling, walking or any such task which contributes to physical fitness.

Follow these thirteen steps and reduce your weight in just a month!

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