Illegal Shrines Demolished In Nashik

temple demolished

Nashik a city which is established its name as a grape city in the county is also famous for its pilgrim places like Shirdi and Panchavati. Apart from these, there are many shrines you can come across in this city. These shrines are built by the people of that particular area as a symbol of love and devotion to god. But as a result of this there where around 105 religious structures were constructed in the city.

These shrines where build on the road and some on the unauthorized land, due to which at some places there was huge traffic. As a result of this, the Supreme Court and the state court decided to demolish the illegal shrines from the city. This process started at 10 am with the police protection with some of the higher officers. The Murthy was removed after performing the rituals from the priest and then the structure was demolished. Till now from Satpur 12 shrines have been demolished. People are upset over such decision by the government, some people were against it, but the presence of the police made the demolition easy.

The government has come across such decision so that the Nashikites should not face any problem relating to the road issue.