Job Recruiters Actually Want This from You

This Is What Job Recruiters Actually Want

Have you applied for more than 5 job interviews, and still working hard for a selection? Were you asked to leave out by the recruiter in their way decent and indirect manner? Everybody these days are not talented but multi-talented. That’s the multi-talent which later gets your interview to nowhere.

Let’s make that clear a bit with some examples. If you are an excellent singer telling about your knowledge of music, composing, mixing and mastering and many things more, the music director won’t work with you at all. That’s simply fired! If you are a writer telling about your expertise in website designing/SEO/Technical stuff, you will hardly get a job in any website startup as a staff writer unless it’s the technical and SEO about which you are going to write. Your recruiters want your abilities to be limited to the job/designation you are applying for. In filmmaking, it’s very obvious that you will meet many actors who are directors too with a lot of technical knowledge. And then do you think they are going to get hired anywhere as an actor? It’s an obvious No. This is because you are somewhat interfering with another role/designation. Do not interfere in another guy’s job. The recruiter actually wants right people to get recruited more than the best ones.

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In case they select you for a job after hearing all your multiple creative abilities, you won’t be any happy working there with your authority limited to that particular role of a scalar chain. The atmosphere with you won’t be any good. And you will finally think of resigning, back to jobless.

What needs to be done is think again and stick with anything specific for a work and let your other abilities be at another side as a hobby which you can later use for your better job if following your passion is what you aim.

Do a Job You Love For Happiness

Love the Job You Do For Happiness

It’s happiness either way. You’ve got to decide!

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