Kannan’s Calling to The Feast at Guruvayoor

Ishavaasyam idam sarvam… Let me share with the readers a touch about the sensation of Ishwar's sight on you.

Kannan's Calling to the feast at Guruvayoor

On every occasion we come to Kerala, stopping at Guruvayoor temple to see Kannan has always been on top of my desires. That’s how on a night of May 2012, we reached Guruvayoor (Kerala) after the marriage of uncle’s son. Me with my wife and kids, and aunt with her married son and his wife reached Guruvayoor. Amidst the heavy rain showering on us, we explored the place with a walk all the way from the bus stop to the temple zone making the hours of darkness much gratifying. At the outset, we kept on seeing ‘Houseful’ boards everywhere until an anonymous person willing to help with finding a room for us made us possible to get a room with his reference.

Early morning next day, while getting ready for the Nirmalyadarshanam, by no means we had any difficulties on the way as unexpectedly we met my old classmate who appeared to be on temple’s management duty. Having enjoyed taking pleasure in darshanam, I kept my adulation high towards Unni Kannan (Baby Krishna). Contented with Darshanam, a desire still was unfulfilled. Kannan‘s feast! Every desire at Guruvayoor could only be satisfied with a one desire to revel in his flavoursome feast of a traditional Kerala Sadhya! So we got into its queue. But since my aunt could not stand for so long, she wanted me to drop them to room and come back.

After returning back to the temple, all I got to see was a closed gate and a security guard. Through the gateway grill, I started gazing at my family standing in the queue, which was just about to enter the Oottupura (Dining Place). From a distance, I could see my family implying me to come inside anyhow. I started requesting the security guard about my family standing inside the queue and to kindly let me in. Not a little did he listen to the plethora of petitions. His response had no sign of showing anything to humanity. With disappointment, I started walking with an aim of trying out another gate of temple entrance, the West Gate. All gates were closed.

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With no hope, I stood on a corner observing the people exiting from the door who just were lucky, up to the feast. While standing there waiting for my family to show up from the exit, I found a good security guard who insisted me to join a queue which was to the Oottupura, the prasad counter.  So, I got to enter the queue towards the Oottupura. In that long queue, there were many who with each other were engaging… and a bit worrying. Some of us were going out of the queue saying ‘Let’s stop the wait here and go to any restaurant nearby’. Observing the scenario, I stood still in the queue with my unsatisfied desire.

When the queue reached somewhat near the closed Oottupura, suddenly, I heard from inside, the announcement of opening the Oottupura limiting to only 70 of the queue. The Oottupura opened and devotees were allowed to get inside one by one. I called Guruvayoorappan once again with a disheartened mind. It was 15 years later that I could see Guruvayoorappan. Having felt with a pat on my shoulders I moved a step forward and turning around, the doors were closed. The seventieth and the last number was mine. The happiness I was left with had no boundaries. Being part of his feast was something exceedingly valuable I earned worshipping my dear lord.

Leelas of merciful lord Krishna is exceptional and not the same. I’ve had the luck to experience it. While returning from the Guruvayoor temple, I remembered the relieving addresses of the lord in Bhagwad Gita’s 22nd verse of 9th chapter…

अनन्याश्चिन्तयन्तो मां ये जना: पर्युपासते |
तेषां नित्याभियुक्तानां योगक्षेमं वहाम्यहम् ||