Life, When It Comes To Success

Life, When it comes to success

It’s a common dream to be a successful person in life, but not everyone is able to attain or retain it. Success is a combination of proper aims, efforts, situations and attitudes. Perhaps giving importance to the value and respect to the means and ends of success matters a lot.

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Is being wealthy, owning luxurious Home and Car, respect, fame counts for success?

Yes, for sure, success could be one of these things or it may be something different, depending on one’s personal preferences. However, there are people who attained these things and more yet could not consider themselves as a successful person. A person considers him being successful only when he can realize the point to his inner self through his efforts. As a result, success is an ability to be able to live up to what one expects of himself. Only a person who can enjoy being alive likes all that is around him and can be said to be in a state truly successful.

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Well, success does not come from hard work alone. When it comes to success there are people who laboured all their lives, yet lived in poverty. While there are people who earned immense wealth, yet never found themselves successful. Some people believe that success is overcoming petty personal desires, from evolving balanced views of life and enjoying every minute of the precious life.

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When it comes to success there is a possibility of failure. To fail is not a bad thing, but failing to learn from it and not trying again is a big mistake. If there had been no obstacles, few would have appreciated those who reached the top. We call a thing good because we can differentiate it from what is bad. In the same way, riches are more enjoyable after one has seen poverty. If we have seen defeat, we value success all the more. It is only natural that to climb upwards to the success we will have to work against the gravitational force of defeat and failure.