Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream: A Fine, Nutritious Summer Treat

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Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream in Nashik Frozen Factory

Have you ever tried this new kind of ice cream called Liquid Nitrogen? If you haven’t, set yourself up to be surprised to dive into a whole new level of ice cream experience. –196°c Frozen Factory is an ice cream startup in Nashik with a wide variety of flavors of ice cream and a good ambiance to enjoy. Ice cream lovers in the city appreciate the trend and are very fond of this revolutionary idea first brought to Nashik by this startup.

The ice cream is prepared with liquid nitrogen, which is generally-196°C cold and causes the mixture to freeze quickly. It takes just 2-3 minutes to make this ice cream, but it’s still a little difficult. Liquid nitrogen must be carefully treated and allows workers to prepare the ice cream after adequate preparation. Ice cream at-196°c Frozen Factory is prepared fresh for every order. As a result, guests see the magic unfolding right in front of them.

This nitrogen freeze provides a very creamy feeling, since there are no air bubbles stuck in it. With liquid nitrogen, the fats and water particles remain very small, making the ice cream very creamy. Most of all, it is free from artificial preservatives and sugar and is made from real fruit. Being this powerful fresh and made entirely of natural ingredients, this new variety of ice cream will satisfy the diet discipline of many exercise enthusiasts.

Liquid nitrogen ice creams are certainly one of the most innovative food inventions in recent years. Experience yourself at Nashik’s-196°c Frozen Factory.

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