Looking Glamorous not a big deal anymore

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how to stay looking glamorous

Yo girls! Who would not think of getting a step more stylish in this day and age. Whether it is a party or a wedding, looking decent at best cannot be discounted, right? Are you among folks who are running high on time in hunt of your picture-perfect Whatsapp DP or Facebook profile picture? Well the solution is here!

The first thing which we should always keep in mind is to not overdo the make-ups. Its high time to know how much is too much. Take into account, the make-up should not overlap that natural aura. Loving to look natural is all together the principal ingredient here. Looking splendid in your daily wear is not a big deal, keep that strong!

Face creams: To go easy, using a gentle face cream with a face wash at regular intervals is not a ruinous idea. A gentle Fair and Lovely crème with optimum applications would be fine enough to be conventional. Wash your face and try homemade remedies to maintain your face looking fine.

Sunscreens: Use a normal range of sunscreen. SPF15 or SPF30 would go good.

Lipsticks: For the most part, choosing a perfect shade is important. Pink, baby pink, peach color can be the options to select. Likewise, red lipstick must be your favorite. Well, never again use red or maroon shades unless you have to attend an evening party. Also, apply a lip balm before lipstick. Using lip-liners won’t be a bad option, if you want to be a little more artistic.

Sleeves: Remember, cap sleeves are not a fashion anymore so stay away from that unless you are thinking of going that way. Sleeveless is way more trendy these days. If not possible, try full sleeves or three-fourth. Closed-neck is not out of fashion when considering kurtas, tops and sarees.

Jackets: Nowadays, jackets and cover-ups too can make you glamorous with a touch of light makeup. Similarly trendy for gents, Shrugs, long cover-ups and fitted jackets can also make a girl look trendy at most.

Accessories: Don’t overlook your thoughts regarding accessories in search of a more likely charm. Try going crazy regarding bags, phone covers and ornaments. Don’t wear long necklaces with big ear rings. Craziness should better not cross the limits unless you are on a bridal wear.

Try these yourself and let us know if you have some thing better to be shared. Write us your tips or suggestions in the comments below.

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