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mahima gang cover music videos
A Snap from Mahima Gang's Cover Video Nazm Nazm

Nowadays, every talented singer to take his/her music career to next level would use the power of the internet and social media to reach that very cool spot. Cover music videos! Awesome quality videos contribute well in taking every hobby and creativity to next level. Making better cover music videos seems a bit easy and cost-effective.

Red Wolf is a team of filmmakers from Nashik, who are contributing to the awesome quality of music videos made in Nashik. Though this team up is new, every member of the team has already excelled much in creative and technical stuff. The team besides promoting new artists and talents also work hard to do their best in showcasing every art the way it needs.

The team does deliver quality content at lowest costs in Nashik. No one would make such videos the rate they offer their services at. Some of the quality videos made by Red Wolf can be watched here on this YouTube playlist below.

Because we got many queries regarding how Red Wolf charges, below we present an approximate cost estimation of how much Red Wolf charges to their clients for making cover music videos.

For an accurate cost estimation based on type of project you are planning to make, contact Red Wolf Entertainment’s Facebook page or mail them at [email protected]

Are you ready to make some cool cover music videos?

Girish Kurup with Krishnakumar Menon
Girish Kurup with Krishnakumar Menon


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