Marathi Play Ekach Pyala Played Strikingly Well For The Audience!

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Marathi Play Ekach Pyala

Ekach Pyala is a famous Marathi play about alcohol addiction and its effects written by Ram Ganesh Gadkari. R G Gadkari was a famous Marathi poet and playwright. The play directed by Chitranjan Kolhatkar recently held in Mumbai at Keshavrao Bhosale Natyagruha and was enjoyed by many. In fact, the Natyagruha was filled with the audience and the play did play well in attracting more and more audience. According to the basic plot of the play, Devdas is the main lead who is introduced to alcohol by Chunnilal whereas Taliram, a character with evil thoughts initiates Sudhakar into drinking.

Actors of the Ekach Pyala included Jayant Savarkar, Sucheta Awchat, Bharti Gosawi, Gotya Sawant, Ashok Awchat and Parag Bohodkar.

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