Mexflow®, India’s Leading Copper Brand & Its High-Value Offerings during Pandemic

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MexFlow® - Mehta Tubes Ltd India's Leading Copper company

Nowadays, many businesses are stepping forward to assist society and the economy in a variety of wonderful and beneficial methods that are having a significant impact. Mehta Tubes Ltd, India’s top manufacturer of Copper & Copper Alloy Products, is one such supporting firm. Mehta Tubes Ltd is known for manufacturing and distributing MexFlow ® copper pipes and tubes in global markets. Mexflow ® has become a well-known brand name that is trusted by people all over the world. The company tried its utmost to help those in need by distributing copper products to over 5000 hospitals around the world and by constructing emergency care units in India and other nations during times of crisis. The company’s contribution was highly received by government officials and supreme health agencies around the world.

According to Mehta Tubes Ltd CEO, Mr. Nishit Morakhia, Mehta Tubes Ltd, under the brand name MexFlow ® , is constantly putting forward its best and revolutionary, and straightforward approach to excelling in different elements that many new and existing businesses miss. The company employs a sustainability attitude across its operations and strives to reduce environmental impact while also promoting ecological protection and forest preservation. As part of their CSR initiatives, Mehta Tubes Ltd and MexFlow ® are well regarded for putting on a variety of meaningful programmes and events on a national and global scale. The majority of their programmes centred on forest conservation and included events such as tree plantation drives.

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Mehta Tubes Ltd and MexFlow ® brand work on the prospects for undertaking experimental, outstanding technological advancements while being completely committed to the fundamentals of the Go Green Approach. According to Mr. Morakhia, it is this mindset that has maintained the company Mehta Tubes Ltd and the Mexflow ® brand one step ahead of its competition especially in today’s time. What’s more admirable is that the company was able to achieve a successful balance in their line of business whilst also delivering the world class, superior quality copper and copper alloy products of the MexFlow ® brand. It has built a strong pillar of trust in global markets while staying much more up to date with modern technologies that have moved way forward and support the Go Green mindset. Companies should step forward and offer their assistance in whatever way they can because it is a necessity in current time. Similar to MexFlow ® and Mehta Tubes Ltd, many other companies performed their best as well, which may have shortened the time to win the second wave of Covid-19, which is almost nearing its end as we see. This is highly appreciative and honourable of all the forces that worked valiantly during these difficult times. All police officers, hospital personnel, doctors, non-governmental organisation social workers, and other Corona warriors deserve special recognition. We have also done a fantastic job of closely adhering to the lockdown regulations and limits, and contributing our small part to stopping and preventing the spread. Let us rejoice in the fact that humanity and mankind will triumph while this crisis slowly starts fading away.

MexFlow ® | Welcome to the world of Copper and Copper Alloys

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