Mico Bosch employees Forum celebrating their 28th Anniversary

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Mico Employees Forum established by Bosch Company’s workers in 1989 is all the way to cross its successful 28 years, tomorrow. On occasion, the Company always functional in human welfare and betterment of society is found to be giving ‘Manav Seva Puraskar’ every year to 5 notables who keenly help the society aiming only its betterment with the upper hand.

Front-runners who are about to receive this year’s award include Monal Anand Naik, Mangala Barku Patil, Arun Muralidhar Bhaskar, Swami Shrikantthanand and Dr. Uday Sakorikar.

Manav seva puraskar mico employees forum 28th Anniversary

Chief guests attending the event include Vaishali Khanapurkar,  Atul Khanapurkar, Dr. Rashmi Chopda, Dr. Manoj Chopda, Vijayalakshmi Manerikar,  Shashank Manerikar and Hemant Aher.


The event is creating awareness in vicinity for the betterment of under-privileged in various ways, which are-

Benefits for labors at just 10/- per month

*Needy patients will be provided with free medical advices and medicines.

*Needy students will be provided with school stationery and sports equipment at no cost.

*Help for victims of natural calamities.

*Organization of cultural, social and educational events.

*Self-development programs to be conducted for youth.

*Free entrepreneurship training Centre.

*Distribution of eco-friendly bags.

*Pathology lab, drawing, dance and hobby classes.

*5 Praiseworthy luminaries receiving Manav Seva Puraskar every year.

and more.



Event Date & Time

Thursday, 26th January 2017 @ 5.30 PM



Mico Employees Forum,

Manav Seva Kendra, Near Raje Sambhaji Stadium,

Simhastha Nagar, Nashik-422009.

Tel: 0253-2377239

email: [email protected]


About Mico Employees’ Forum

Among the innumerous thoughts and deeds of the ‘Creator’ of our marvelous empire across the world, we the people of Bosch group are highly motivated, well informed……. and are always trying to follow the footsteps of him in every walks of life, whether it is innovative technologies or to owe the social responsibilities to serve the communities living below the line of poverty.

Yes, dear brothers and sister employees of Bosch World. We at NaP (Nashik, India) BOSCH were inspired by the social commitment of ROBERT BOSCH.

In the year 1989, on the 25th of December, which we consider as the invaluable gift from Santa Claus, MICO EMPLOYEES FORUM was founded.

The founder of this particular forum. Mr. RAJU NAIK along with just 42 employees, laid down the concept of contributing Rs. 10/- per head ( Approx. 18 cents) and lend a helping hand to purchase medicine for the poor patients under going treatment in charitable hospitals. This was a mere beginning, by means of the contributed amount of Rs. 420/- ( Approx. 8 Euro), once in a week after consulting the Doctors of the hospital, the medicine was distributed to the needy patients.

As it is rightly said, where there is will there is a way, gradually our humble employees joined hands to contribute a small but a valuable sum for such a noble cause. Today right from the General Manager to the common labour of a contractor of our company is a honorable member of this forum. Our strength has touched 2723 mark and so our scope too has increased, to serve the people to fulfill the various desired requirements.

Along with medical aid, the forum is now equipped with ample numbers of walkers, wheelchairs, walking sticks, water beds, etc. which are available to the under privilege on a nominal monthly rent basis. Simultaneously 3 villages are adopted for conducting medical camps to eliminate basic health related problems and also bring awareness among the uneducated villagers.

Also a task in education field is taken up by the forum. Due to the lack of good books and school stationary many youngsters suffer from getting basic or higher education. Forum is now distributing text and note books and school uniform & stationary to the poor students. Also considering the fact of upgrading one and all in education field, a public library is set-up in the heart of town.

Among the many beneficiary students, we are proud to see a adopted student of ours, has become a Doctor in Dental Surgery. (B. D. S.)


Whatever the calamities may have come, whether it is an earthquake or flood affected areas, people of MICO EMPLOYEES FORUM are there with all their might and hearts to serve them.

During these last 19 years, we not only tried to serve them by various ways, but also took notice of those people, from different walks of life, by appreciating them with awards for humanity.

These are few and many more projects will be implemented in future, but it is only possible with the support of one and all.

Lastly, once again wish to pen down the remarkable saying of our founder ROBERT BOSCH that …… No one in the organization can say that I have done this, whatever are the results, it is the efforts of one and all, the POWER OF WE.

We hereby appeal to our world of BOSCH, to join hands to help those helpless hands and show our commitment towards universal brotherhood, by becoming member of MICO EMPLOYEES FORUM.

(Source: boschforum.org.in)

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