Musical Instruments At Lowest Prices Now In Nashik

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John Thapa with Digvijay
John Thapa with Digvijay

Nashik’s prevalent music institute, Rhythm Music Classes yesterday declared to have set up a new outlet where extensive variety of musical instruments will be offered at lowest prices. “Students from Nashik will now find everything in reach of their hands without spending huge,” said John Thapa. The idea was made into existence by John Thapa coming into collaboration with Aditya Patil, a Nashik resident and student of John Thapa.

Listed exceptional features of the selling program include 2 years replacement warranty with guarantee and specific quality assurance. In particular, John Thapa cleared that they don’t force their students to buy products from this outlet, with the following avowal – “We are not aiming to make any profits out of what we sell. We just advise them on making a right purchase. When someone comes to buy something, we just provide them with the details of almost every musical instrument sellers in Nashik and recommend them to go out to every nearest seller and check their prices and buy whichever is low on price and great on quality. We have students, not customers. This is all about providing a better learning experience to our students.”

Having said that, the instruments vended by Rhythm Music Classes are found to be high on quality with a higher price gap, as with every instrument, buyer procures a guarantee of Lowest Price in Nashik with quality assurance and extended replacements. Straight away, the music institute is planning to extend their outlets across Nashik in coming years.

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