My Answer To: What is Life?

Answer to What is Life

Did you ever ask a question to yourself – What is Life? What is the purpose of my Life?  Don’t you think that we’ve never asked this question to ourselves or we might have asked but won’t have taken it too seriously? Probably, we have made our life lot more chasing. We always race and chase for money, success, to be more attractive and to live a happy life in further future. But when do you think about meeting that aims? Well, you know the answer very well,  our wants and needs never end and till the time your newer wants get towards you, happiness will always appear to be a reach away and this cycle always goes on.

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What kind of life we presently live? We get stuck in relationship, carrier, jobs that we dislike. We always try to compete ourselves with other; we haven’t stopped competing for our beauty, what we own in life, our status with others. Today we believe in showing off; whatever face you make, the symbol of Apple should look good, hope you understand what I mean. We get distracted by social media and opinions of other people. What is life when we don’t believe in forgiving people? We hold on the pain and we always blame people, situations, and things for our failure. We never realize our mistake. We always feel jealous of other people, even our friends and family. That is the reason we are living our life with depression, stress and anxiety. In a race to survive, we have become mentally paralyzed. This is the reality of our present life and this is the truth and the truth is always bitter.

So what should be the exact meaning of life?  For me, a meaning of life is whatever meaning you give to it. You are the artist of your own life because you fill the empty canvas of your life.  You are free to draw anything that pleases you. What feels right to you? What do you want your life to be about? Simply, the purpose of your life is to know what makes you feel happier and then do more of it, whatever, that makes you come alive. So go and make it happen, don’t doubt yourself, overcome your fear and opinions of other people.

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When it comes to value, decide to forgive everyone against whom you are holding a grudge. Try to be free and try to heal others and yourself when you are in trouble. Whatever dreams you have, it could be a trip to Switzerland, start doing planning of it even if you don’t have the money.  I bet surely you will find a way one day to fulfil your dream.  Start living a lovely life. Give your precious time to other people and start connecting to them with love. Love your family, friends, your work and of course love yourself, well then you will obviously.

What is life when love matters the most? The chasing we do is all misdirected energy; try to forgive people and say bye  to painful past, try to contribute your good values and experience towards the society, try to achieve any goals in your life whether it is short term or long term, overcome your fears and find your purpose in life and stay passionate. Don’t make your life complicated. Try to make it as simple as it can be and then I promise -depression, anxiety, stress and jealousy will always stay away from you.

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