My First Standard Love

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My first standard love
My first standard love

Hello, I am Rohan who badly wanted to study and go to schools at an age of 5. That was the time after my kindergarten days. Just with that, my time had come to board into the world of books. I kept on enjoying the days of preparation, like purchasing bags and school uniforms. The most awaited day came.

The clock is ticking at 9 pm and I am off to bed. Mother comes and sits beside me.

“How much are you excited? Tomorrow you are off to school. First day makes the best day for all the new beginnings.”

“Yeah! Hope it will”, I said, looking at the moon. I had never seen moon that dazzling, stealing a look through woods, which could be seen quite clearly from my window. Waking up from the bed, I walked to my window for a better view of the scene. Cold breezes were awesome and everything felt new. Mother approaching towards me said, “The alone moon is beautiful, isn’t it? You won’t be alone… you will meet new friends tomorrow. And, one thing! Make decent friends. Friends you make in first four grades are the friends you will remember the most throughout the life…”

Journey sets off as I am getting ready for school, wearing uniform and mother packing tiffin bag for me. It’s June and raining heavily. Father kick starts his scooter and waits for the boy togged up in ‘Jadoo’ wala raincoat, and that’s me.

What could be more awesome than to enter into a school for the first time! Wall paintings of mickey mouse and Donald duck in school were just cool. Teacher asked everyone to acquaint with themselves one by one and just after that everyone started introducing themselves. When every boy completed their introduction, girls were ready for their chance to show off. First in the row, a girl stood up and introduced herself. Now that was the time my life introduced a beautiful girl in to me. That’s Riya with beautiful looks, curly blond hairs, and some-what blue eyes. Within just one recess, we both became friends eating tiffin together for many coming recesses. For the most part, we were friends in recess and acted like strangers after and before recess. As days passed, we became best friends in school not just in recess… And I started revealing about my best friend Riya to my mother. The days went out becoming truly awesome.

Years passed, third day of my fourth standard, and the introduction session was about to begin. Teacher came and every student introduced themselves, but there was no Riya in the list. I got to know from someone, that she had left my school by the end of third standard. We were not close enough to share phone contacts. Yes, we were not close enough with Ratan Bhayya, the owner of Shree Ganesh Phone Booth. We had no mobile phones. That left me no chance of meeting her again.

Years kept on passing, made new friends, new adventures, and new stories. Days flipped like fifth standard, tenth standard, twelfth standard, and now I’m a graduate. In this time span, met many Riyas, made good friends, and lost good friends.

Yesterday, I visited a mall with my workmates for a little shopping. Outside the mall, I kept on walking towards the parking and straightaway, my eyes went on to a face familiar to me. We both looked at each other for a second. I recognized her. She didn’t recognize me and shifted her focus to another side of the street. Riya was waiting for someone, and a car comes. It must be her boyfriend inside.  She gets into the car while they start to leave. When the rays coming from headlight of a moving bus got into the car, I saw two eyes staring at me. My best friend had recognized me already. The car slowly disappeared in crowd.

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