Nashik Central Jail Prisoners Craft Eco-Friendly Ganesh Idols

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Ganesh Idols built by Nashik Central Jail Inmates
Ganesh Idols built by Nashik Central Jail Inmates | Image Src: DNA India

It’s so magnificent to appreciate that 20 inmates of Nashik Central Jail have been engaged in crafting eco-friendly Ganesh idols which would go out to public this Ganesh Chaturthi. The initiative was first started as a rehabilitation program in the year 2017 by Yogesh Desai, Deputy inspector general of prison, Aurangabad. According to Desai, 150 idols were sold in the year 2017. In particular, the inmates prospered in selling 1,400 eco-friendly Ganesh idols giving rise to a business of Rs 13 Lakhs altogether in the year 2018. The number of orders received for the idols has been increasing rapidly every year.

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According to Pallavi Kadam, Senior jailer and factory manager of the jail, the program is not bound for earning money but to show the world the capabilities of their prison inmates and to make available the eco-friendly idols to the public. A special room is arranged in the prison where the inmates usually start their work daily at 8 am for more than 12 hours at times with the festival nearing.

This time, the prison inmates are on the verge of completing 20 different varieties of natural clay idols of Ganesh and a special nine-foot Chintamani-styled Ganesh idol which will be the most attractive one ornamented with expensive diamonds and vivid decorations. Nashik Central Jail has set out a perfect example of rehabilitation program!

Image Source: DNA India

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