Nashik Filmmakers Shine with a Global-Level AIDS Documentary Film

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In these tough times of dealing with Corona Pandemic, filmmakers Dr. Shivangi Pawar and Krishnakumar Menon have released a short documentary on AIDS. The film titled ‘The Unsung Heroes’ primarily unveils India’s contributions to the global health and foundations laid down during the outbreak of AIDS pandemic. It was India’s new economical treatment methods and reforms which the world had to implement in order to treat AIDS patients located in different parts of world.

The film is slowly getting recognized in the health sector due to the prominent personalities appeared in the film. The Unsung Saviours who fought in bringing effective and inexpensive treatment methods for the world to accept during the outbreak of AIDS pandemic are finally acknowledged and publicized through this film. When the world is facing Coronavirus outbreak, this short documentary featurette on AIDS made by Shivangi Pawar & Krishnakumar Menon does well in remembering and highlighting India’s tactics in smartly dealing with the Global Health Emergencies.

Speakers in the film

The featured speakers in the film include Dr. Jay A. Levy (Scientist who discovered the AIDS virus in 1983), Dr. Herbert Dupont (Researcher), Dr. Pierre Yassa (Researcher), Prof. Subhash Hira (WHO Committee), Dr. P. L. Joshi (Former Head, NVBDCP), Dr. Mahendra Kura (Dermatologist), Dr. Deepti Dongaonkar (Gynecologist & Obstetrician) & Prof. Medha Somaiya (Social Worker).

Research-Based Work

It’s been said that the team carried out an extensive research of 3 years on the topic before ultimately releasing it out as a film. It was this research work and comprehensive preparation which helped them obtain access to the concerned international authorities, the creator duo stated.

Feature-length Documentary Soon on OTT

A feature-length documentary on AIDS is being planned for OTT release and currently at pre-production stage. India, USA and South Africa are the major locations, where the shooting for this film will begin very soon. Shivangi & Krishnakumar expressed that this will be an extensive replica of the same film but with a bigger panel of speakers, untold stories and new revelations.

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