Nashikites Experienced Maratha Kranti Morcha With A Great Influence

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Maratha Kranti Morcha Nashik
Maratha Kranti Morcha Nashik

Maratha Kranti Morcha, a silent protest by community of Marathas decided to be made on 24th Sep 2016, went successfully reaching out millions in Nashik. Approx. 20 Lakh people attended the march.

“This morcha focused on uniting people for a common cause. And this protest is not in any way against or even for the government. The main demands were – Action against the rapists, Alter the atrocities Act passed in 1989 and reservation for Marathas” one of the leaders of Maratha community said.


This grand protest included more than 20k volunteers other than many providing services like tea, fruits and energy drinks. “The main thing to be considered is we were not backed by any politicians or political organizations…even funding was crowd funded by the community” another leader of the community said.


Kopardi gangrape and murder

A 15 year old Maratha girl allegedly gang raped and murdered by a group of Dalit youths on 13th July at Kopardi Vilage in Ahmednagar. This incident sparked an indignation in public and was triggered as the main cause for Maratha Kranti Morcha seeking action against rapists deeming Kopardi case accused.

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