Navratri: Nashik Prepping Up for Celebrations in the midst of Pandemic

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Since the Navratri festival season has returned to Nashik as an optimistic spark to revel in the energy of nashikites, people have begun to see and embrace the festive vibe once again. Despite the fact that the country has seen a large Covid-19 wave, people are joyful and eager to participate in festivities cheerfully, once again. Renowned temples in Nashik such as Kalika Mandir and Trimbakeshwar temple have issued separate guidelines for the limited number of worshippers who will visit the temple, given the fact that Covid-19 is still in the air. The temples opened, which have been closed for more than 6 months has piqued the excitement of devotees to visit these places very much.

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Nevertheless, the nine-day Navratri celebrations have begun and is being enjoyed with enough fervour and enthusiasm. People seem to refer back to past celebrations and recollections, the spirit of heart and excitement that we had during the Navratri days prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. Special reunions and family get-togethers, as well as beautiful dandiya nights, were just a few of the unique Navratri traditions that is missed today. “Those were the amazing Navratri days, and I can say the exact one right before the Covid-19 pandemic was perhaps the one we most enjoyed with some great memories to recollect,” says Sanjay Kothawale, a College Road resident. “Although we hope to hold a similar Navratri celebration in the near future, we have started learning to appreciate every moment and endeavour to make the most of it within our limits. After all, that is the only ideal way ahead.”

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Despite the limits, the festive spirit in lakhs of Nashikkars has not suffered. With the plan of a perfect Navratri celebration at home, complete with small gatherings and celebrations, this time as well, the city is jubilant to cherish new good experiences in festive season. Dandiya nights is back as well with limited events to be conducted in the city, some of which shall be held online. People are hopeful that the events would prove as perfect retreat to enjoy the festival to the fullest within boundaries of current pandemic scenario.

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