NMCA’s Onam Celebration in Nashik

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NMCA Onam Celebration Nashik 2016
NMCA Onam Celebration Nashik 2016

Nasik Malayalee Cultural Association’s Onam celebration passed successfully with an out sized participation of Malayalees living in the district. Renowned Malayalam film star, Shree Ashokan  as the chief guest, the foremost attraction made the attendants cross the extent of gratification meant to be received.  The community conducted a prize distribution ceremony where Malayalee academic scholars scoring the highest excellence passed the triumph in earning the honors.

Shree Gokulam Gopalakrishnan Pillai, the President, NMCA, said,” We are always positive in giving out the best for the community of Malayalees living in Nashik… Prizes for academic excellence is just a speck of what we plan as it has now been a one of our tradition ever since Nashikites’ first ever Onam celebration. And we respect it…”

The attendants loved the Maveli appearance with an inordinate admiration. Mr. Surarajan S Nair, the one who embellished the event appearing in traditional Maveli attire said, “It’s an honor for me to be here in front of Malayalee Nashikites and celebrate an Onam being a Maveli… Maveli is an important entity in Onam and Keralites and being that though for a day is a treasured experience at least for a Malayalee and I respect that pride… Feels really good.”

The event also included speeches and felicitations by various luminaries present including community dignitaries and Jinumary Aji John who netted the directorate in subject-  Bio-Technology National Central for Cells Science (NECS) from Pune University according to the sources. In the memory of Shree Kalabhavan Mani, the extra fascination of the event amplified the folk songs performance presented by Thiruvananthapuram Drishyavedhi, a team of artists from Kerala. Likewise, the stage witnessed wonderful performances bestowed by Malayalee Nashikites.

Before wind-up speech, the community unified an Ona Sadhya event. Ona Sadhya is a traditional and chosen appetite of Keralites which covers a mouthwatering variety of food items. Nashik Malayalees after enjoying the Ona Sadhya, made the event approach the wind-up marking the event a complete Malayalee grandeur. “The Onam celebration event went awesome as they were successful in bringing that same Kerala-Onam experience here in Nashik and we are eagerly waiting for witnessing the next NMCA event as usual.”, a Malayalee residing in Nashik told to Nashikites.com.

The event took place at Mauli Lawns, D.G.P. Nagar, Nashik around 4:30 p.m.

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