Only Best Ways to Protect Your Skin From Colours

Rang Panchami Protect skin from colours

This colourful day of Rang Panchami, you will have to take care about which type of colour you are actually going to play with. Beware of the harmful substances mixed with a different variety of colours as it can damage your skin in some way. This is what you have got to do before leaving your home!

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1) Use Sunscreen

As the summer has just started, playing with colours on a sunny day is sure to harm your skin anyway. Before leaving your house to play with colours, it will be good to apply an SPF30+ sunscreen. Applying a sunscreen does help to protect your skin from the UV rays.

2) Dress in full length

People prefer to wear old clothes to play Holi. While do make sure you wear a dress which covers maximum part of your body. Wearing such clothes obviously will reduce the direct interaction of colour with the skin.

3) Apply oil to your body

Dry colour interacting directly on the skin makes the colour stay and it won’t be removed easily. Applying oil over to the body will help to get the colour washed out. Oil should be applied to all over the body irrespective of just the visible part.

4) Use Vaseline/ Lip balm

Apply Vaseline or a lip balm in your lips to keep it moisturized while playing Holi. It is also recommended to apply Vaseline in your ear and in the fingertip; if these places dry, the colour might enter the skin easily.

5) Stay hydrated

Here comes the main part. As you will be playing Holi in hot daylight it is very important for you to keep yourself hydrated. Consuming lot of water will keep you hydrated which will give you the energy to be active while playing Holi.

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Follow these tips and let your joy and enthusiasm rise in this colourful celebration!

Happy Rang Panchami