Paying Double and Other Smart Lockdown Frauds You Don’t Know

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smart lockdown frauds and scams you don't know

We are being drawn against a global economic crisis due to the Corona virus. Most of the businesses in the country are going out of business and cannot afford to pay off their employee’s salary which ultimately results into another case of losing the jobs for many.  With this being the situation for top class business persons and officers, we cannot imagine how much the underprivileged and lower-middle class must be facing. As everybody is looking to survive from this economic crisis, the actively functioning companies and businesses have their smart ways of keeping the cash-flow in. Poors are facing the most in these lockdown frauds and scams happening around the world.

Below, we have listed some of the smart lockdown frauds you ought to be aware of these days.

Telecom Industry

When lockdown started, many telecom operators launched new offers and special discounts for its users, which is appreciable considering the situation. When you chose to opt for the offered service, you received the mentioned benefits but with some unexpected conditions and twists.

Most common example, let’s say, you purchased a 3-Month Work-From-Home internet pack for Rs 251 from a telecom operator. After purchase, you receive the benefit of daily 2GB internet data for 3 months which is great again. When you decide to make a call, you realize you are running out of a valid pack. Then, you need to pay for another pack of minimum Rs. 98 per month to continue voice call service. 98 x 3 = 294 | Total Rs. 545 for 3 months. This way, many users ultimately ended up paying more than a double. Similar conditions still exist in many telecom service providers.

What we can do to prevent this is, read and clearly verify the offer terms and conditions before paying for any services.

Malware Mining

Visiting untrustworthy websites can sometimes pose serious threats to you and your computer system. Many of the hackers from different parts of the world are targeting Indian users for the bitcoin mining.  Their malware scripts somehow gets in a computer and carries the bitcoin mining process, taking a serious toll on the victim’s system resources like RAM. In other words, bitcoin users can use your system to contribute into their resource-intensive task of mining bitcoins. When this happens, your computer starts to function very sluggishly and system life reduces.

To prevent this, you need to install a good Anti-virus software on your computer. Alongside, firewall security and internet security is a must-have. Always avoid visiting unreliable websites. Downloading pirated software should be avoided as most malware of this kind gets into a PC with these cracked programs.

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Cheap Offers Online

If you see online, many new websites have launched with an intention of looting money from the public. Some of them look very genuine and trustworthy, selling digital goods or services at cheapest prices. There are many victims of this in India who failed to recover the losses even after writing several complaints to different governing authorities. This is because, most of these websites have left very less signs of tracing them back and usually work on fake IPs and hidden/fake WHOIS.

Check for the website trust score and scam possibilities before making transaction with any unknown websites. Usually but not always, the website with higher grammar and spelling typos are fake and unreliable.

Free Webinar

Well, it is not that every free webinars are conducted with a fraudulent purpose but one in hundreds intend to mislead the attendees to pay for scam or unauthorized services. Some are using the personal details and stats of the attendees for marketing purpose which again is not correct if attendees are not made aware of this prior to the registration.

Well, we cannot do much regarding this. But make sure to check for the webinar terms and conditions before registering to any unknown or untrusted webinars.

Retail Scams

Selling the goods above MRP, limiting the sale of low quantity variants, selling inferior products for poor customers are some of the trending malpractice in retail market today. In some village or remote areas, stores were found to be supplying inferior products at a higher cost in order to make a decent margin of profit.

Apart from such lockdown frauds and scams, many of the retailers are contributing to the welfare of daily-wage earners by providing goods below MRP or for free.

It can be seen that everybody is wrestling for their financial survival these days. However, people are also helping out their friends and relatives during the crisis. Staying strong and staying together shall keep the human race reach new heights and this suffering too shall pass as long as humanity continues to prevail.

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