How to prevent motion sickness

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Going on a cruise, here’s what you can do to prevent motion sickness……….

  • First, see if you can stay in a cabin towards the center of the ship and near the waterline, where the ride is smoother. Take frequent trips on the deck to get some air, but be sure to look out on the horizon.
  • Don’t overeat. Refrain from heavy, greasy food that can upset your stomach, and eat dry crackers to help settle your stomach.
  • Drink water, stay hydrated and avoid excess alcohol, which can cause dehydration and reduce your body’s resistance to sea sickness.
  • Chew a piece of Ginger. Studies show the root works as well as anti-nausea medication without latter’s side effects, like drowsiness.
  • If you fell seasick lie on your back for a while – symptoms often improve within 15 minutes or so.

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Girish Kurup