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New Year’s Resolutions may fade before January 2017 ends, but change is a year-round endeavor. If you’ve abandoned your midnight pledges, take heart: it’s not too late.

Seek HELP: Is your goal positive doable and something you can achieve with others aid? If so look toward your spiritual community. If you don’t have one, try reinvigorating your religious life to find the support you’ll need.


REMEMBER, NOBODY CHANGES OVERNIGHT:   If a goal seems impossible, break it into smaller ones. If quitting smoking cold turkey hasn’t worked, for example, research all the methods, then choose the best one for your personality.


START OVER: If you do slip up, remember an old Hasidico maxim: Have two scraps of paper in your pockets in the right, one that says, “I am dust and ashes”; in the left, “you’ve made a little lower than the angels”. When you feel like you’re God’s gift pull out the right one for a dose of humility; when felling blue, pull out the left for a dose of hope.


If your resolutions have become habit, do something to benefit others. In other words when you’re on top, remember those times when you needed help.


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Girish Kurup