Rolls Royce Will Now Make Their Car Engines in India

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Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce, world’s much-admired premium car maker has revealed its plans on shifting the engine production to India. Rolls Royce engines are considered very exceptional regarding the capacity and performance while not making any noise at all. The company has been talking about their trust in manufacturing capabilities of India and so the shifting process has been initiated.

Force Motors Engine Plant
Force Motors Engine Plant | Source: Autocar India

The company has tied up with Force Motors of India to start the production of its 1600 series large capacity diesel engines. The joint venture is named as FORCE MTU with Force motors holding 51% stake and Rolls Royce holding 49%.

In India, Force Motors has a well-established supremacy in the engine production sector. Force Motors currently manufactures engines for Mercedes Benz and BMW cars in India. The Rolls Royce engines manufactured in India will be exported to other countries and so will also be eligible for lower taxes payable by the company according to government’s latest stipulations on tax policies for locally assembled car parts.

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