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Smart Nashik

Smart Nashik city seems to be gearing up for being much smarter but does the people are looking ready? The answer is yes, all together. The mission to make Nashik smart is being actively participated by smart Nashikites. Government has made their way strong accepting suggestions and ideas from citizens across Nashik. From last 6 months, ideas and suggestions collected from across Nashik is increasing day by day.

Conversely, a few people in Nashik still lack awareness and education needed to make this smart dream come true. Especially in rural areas, folks still anticipate to keep the status stay wherever it is. Main obstacles include lack of cleanliness, proper education and awareness. Abhishek Krishna, Commissioner, Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) shared his interpretations, by saying, “To get the consideration of smart city, Nashik should be clean and green, for which citizens need to participate especially in cleanliness.”

Suggestions gave out by Nashikites include toilets at gardens, upgrading municipal schools, developing wi-fi spots, increased use of social media, development of hospitals, and better use of CCTV cameras. Innovative use of public spaces, better management of traffic and parking is being expected strongly by Nashikites. We asked opinions from Nashik residents where Mr. Akash Tiwari gave some of the best answers. Here’s what we asked,

Do you think smart Nashik is what we will be seeing at least in next 10 years?

10 years is way more than needed. We can see smart Nashik in next 5 years itself. Every minute changes a man and his way of thinking though is unnoticeable. I do agree that Nashik still have some of the worsts like talking about criminals and all, but things were changing and will change in the same pace. Today’s Nashik is way more developed than of 90’s. Nashik will be smart in next 5 years for sure.

What makes you not cross that unerring zone referring to all those tittle-tattles we hear today?

Literally to get smart, citizens need to be smart. How can a city be smart without smart people and how can people be that smart if a single individual is not smart. Every person’s mindset needs to stay strong throughout the route of progress. I’ve made my mind strong that no one’s tittle-tattles will ever change me and my mind. It works in that way.

90% of Nashikites we asked gave similar answers, which proves that a smart Nashik is very soon for which all we have to do is maintain a smart mindset, definitely no big deal for Nashikites!


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