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Live your passion

We all have a friend, sorry, not a friend, we got friends, but there will be one or more such friends who will constantly talk about gigantic future plans like writing a novel, changing the world, forming a new company, etc. It’s really not bad to present your ideas and future plans but problem is that very few people are able to follow their ideas and plans. The reason behind it is, very simple Ideas are present everywhere, but motivation is apparently non-existent, ideas are like a mobile phone that exists every time but for working it requires to be charged by a Motivation.

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Life is happening right now. Successful people know this and are focusing on achieving their dreams and goals 24/7. For those people, their dreams and goals are more than an obsession and passion, it’s what actually they are living. Instead of talking they believe in doing.

Do you know your passion?

Do you actually have any personal projects?

Do you know exactly what you want in your life?

Are you advancing your skills and knowledge of something daily?

Does your job whatever you are doing support your life goal?

These are the biggest questions of life. But successful, motivated, inspired and passionate people not only answer these questions with yes but they also know WHATs and WHYs of these questions without any other thoughts. If you didn’t answer yes to all, it may take a day to rethink about your life again.

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Sometimes, some people complain that finding passion is too hard for them; they don’t understand what their passion actually is? Well, a passion is anything which you are loving badly, whether you know it or not, you forget your thirst and hunger for it, with a combination of unquenchable thirst for knowledge, it is a thing which is literally making you happy, as soon as you heard the word of it your face smiles, it is a desire of independent learning and is a thing which no one stops you from, reading and consuming information about it.

If you haven’t found that incredible sparks in your life seriously don’t read this article further, go and find it out because it isn’t just going to randomly happen or fall into your lap. It’s not the results of money or circumstances.

Once you find what your passion is, it will be an amazing moment because no one can sway your thoughts and concentration. Clearly, human life is just a flash when you consider the age of the earth, our galaxy and universe. No doubt, it’s precious; it’s rare and happening in life. To waste it is to give up the ultimate gift you already have.

This post is for everyone who is living their life by proxy and for those who haven’t found their passion yet. Try to be creative. It’s not too late, you can do it.  Start Today for your passion!

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Shubham Singh