Teleporting Ants Active In Nashik

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teleporting ants in nashik

Ordinarily, there are many kinds of ants. Ants vary by their sizes and colors but can you think of ant’s teleporting characteristics? Yes, some ants can teleport from one place to other. Teleporting ants and non-teleporting ants don’t make a distinction unless a person tries to lay a hand on it. These ants are black in color with a little or no reds. The teleporting ants generally appear somewhere near tables or racks and can teleport within range of a meter.

Many families have reported of spotting teleporting ants in their houses in Nashik. “I was shocked when I saw a teleporting ant near my computer table. I tried tapping the ant with my hand and it was just gone… literally disappeared and appeared on my keyboard,” Rajesh Kumavat, a Nashik road resident said.

Do you have any incident of spotting teleporting ants?

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